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Barcodepedia: A community based, online barcode database.
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This is a serious question: why do I need a database of barcodes? What use is this?

I don't get it. Now somebody educate me, please.
posted by ashbury at 9:25 PM on July 26, 2006

i don't get it either.
i was posting it in hopes someone could explain it to me.
posted by onkelchrispy at 9:31 PM on July 26, 2006

I don't see the use for it either, because if you have access to the barcode you probably have access to whatever the barcode is attached to...

That said, it worked for the only thing I had in reaching distance, 079400550705 - Axe Tsunami deodorant bodyspray.
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EAN13 - 7312040017683 is the barcode for Absolut Vodka.

I don't know anything about barcodes, but I know what I like, and I like EAN13 - 7312040017683!
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If you're into this sort of thing, you should know about these two as well:

Bar Code Server
GEPIR Client

For those who are wondering why these services are nice... Sometimes I want to get a bunch of detailed information about a product (book, CD, etc) for an eBay auction or craigslist posting, or just for fun.
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...or just for fun.
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Oh there's nothing that brings a community together like barcodes.
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Sweet, i was plotting uses for just this sort of information the other day.

Much thanks for this post.
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seconded, I want to combine something like that with this barcode reader ap for a webcam.

Enter personal virtual pantry accessible from my homes private web serv.

"What's I got to eat?"
posted by sourbrew at 10:13 PM on July 26, 2006

For those wondering what is the purpose of this site (and similar sites such as UPC Database) allow me to explain how I use these sites.

Since many nationwide retailers tend to clearance items at approximately the same time, but allow the individual stores (districts? regions?) to set the exact price (Wal-Mart, Target), and since the stores will often not update tags for the new prices immediately an industrious person can print off their own list of barcodes and use the customer price-scanners to see what the current price of an item is. Very useful for acquiring cheap stuff before everyone else snaps it up.

There are sites that specialize in publicizing clearance prices. FatWallet is one. My favorite is CheapAssGamer.

On preview: sourbrew has a totally awesomer use than I do. But I'm still waiting for the refrigerator that knows exactly what groceries I have, can automatically order a new carton when the milk gets low, and thaws out the meat in time before I get home.
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And then when your milk is low, a robot grocer delivers it promptly on a hovercraft. THE FUTURE WILL HAVE A CHECKSUM!

Old science mags are chock full of articles about lasers doing everything from curing cancer and getting mankind to Saturn in a mere week, down to solving a NYT Sunday crossword in mere seconds.

You ever get the sinking suspicion we're getting the same load of sky's-the-limit shit with nanotubes and aerogel?

So far all we got is a 2006 Tour de France nanotube-enchanced bike and NASA using aerogel as a comet dustbuster.
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The webcam barcode scanner is a nice idea, but it scanned the barcodes incorrectly (two digits wrong, so the check digit still matched) on the two items that I tried.
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It amazes me that people fail to understand the value of this.. Why do the stores use barcodes?

You have a DVD collection, you want to list them. You can either manually enter the items, or you can scan them in and do a scripted lookup.

Now, the fact that the database is likely to remain incomplete - perhaps because not enough people understand the value of it - may make it kind of useless. But the idea is great!
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