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Metatalk: "Psychic Readings, Clairvoyant Readings, Graphology & Handwriting Analysis." An errant stab in the dark unearthed this amusing conflation. A site search reveled no doubles, so... what am i thinking?
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I guess there will never be a shortage of bad people exploiting dumb people. Kinda sad, really.
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You're thinking...about a brick wall?


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(don't mention Metafilter in this thread, or we'll have to take this to Meta)
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psychic telephone

trademark infringement

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I saw this post... BEFORE IT WAS POSTED.
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what kind of name is sigmund for a woman?
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That's a woman!?
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It's about fucking time! Yay Matt! My long-dead sister wants words with you.
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According to the website: "© Metatalk is our registered trade name for metaphysical purposes. All rights reserved 1997-2010."

I doubt this is true.

The network solutions record shows the domain created on 1998-03-28. All three contact addresses are in the US, so I'm assuming they are US based.

But, a search of the USPTO records shows that "MetaTalk" was registered by a corporation called MetaLogic for "computer programs in the nature of computer language interpreters and compilers." The filing date was 1992-11-02; the registration date was 1995-07-04.

Perhaps they used the "Metaphysical Trademark Office" ?
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Anyone who uses a copyright symbol to preface a trademark claim is ipso facto unclear on the concept.

But that's quibbling. What say everyone on this thread chip in a dollar or two so we can buy an email answer to a question?
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Let me be your coach and make the game of life your game !

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um.. I'm sorry but WTF is a "DNA Healer" supposed to be?
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I'm sorry but WTF is a "DNA Healer" supposed to be?
I don't know, but if one really existed, Douglas Adams would still be alive today.

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WTF is a "DNA Healer" supposed to be?

Does she think she can cure Down Syndrome?
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MetaTalk: Clairvoyant Readings

At least it's free here.
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Hot lips has a website?
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Google provides all the clairvoyance I require.
Did you mean...
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I actually know "Sigmund," although I haven't spoken to her for several years. It will shock no one that Sigmund is not her real name. She is in her late 50s or thereabouts and lives with her husband in the suburbs of the Bay Area. I first saw her site many years ago. I have never spoken with her about the site, although she has told me in the past about her work in this, well, field.

For what it's worth, Sigmund sincerely believes that she has psychic abilities, and that she can use those abilities to help others. She was actually "tested" as a child in one of those old Stanford ESP programs where they showed kids cards and had them guess what they contained, among other tests. I have no idea what those tests in fact showed (or purported to show), but Sigmund truly believes they confirmed that she is a psychic. She has been involved in this type of thing all her life, among other endeavors such as art and art therapy. I am sure she does not think she is exploiting people.

I won't share my own views as to whether Sigmund actually has the abilities she claims. I just wanted to address the comments suggesting that she may be a scam artist, which, insofar as they presume malicious intent, are not accurate, though understandable.
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