Nashville Singer's Career Immortalized by Blind Man's Penis
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Ramsey Kearney was a teenage country music prodigy nicknamed the Dixie Farmboy, a rockabilly singer with the Jimmie Martin Combo, a songwriter for Brenda Lee, and a producer of the most cloying Elvis tribute single ever recorded. Kearney would have almost no connection to alternative music whatsoever until John Trubee, a notorious crank phone caller and sideman for Zoogz Rift, found an ad in the back of the Midnight Globe tabloid from Kearney's Nashco Records label, a song-poem company offering to put his words to music for a small fee. Trubee sent his own disturbing LSD-fueled lyrics to Nashco, but to his surprise, Nashco accepted the lyrics after taking a $79.95 fee from Trubee. Kearney tweaked the lyrics slightly in order to avoid a lawsuit from Stevie Wonder, but the end product was the cult classic novelty song, Blind Man's Penis. (more inside)
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Awesome. Well done.
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Still, thanks for the post! If not for this post I'd have never known about this. How bizzare...
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The flash animation is brilliant.
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When I first heard the song on a mixtape a few years back, I had a long debate over the lyrics. Was it, “And if little baby Martians come out of the UFOs / You can fuck them,” or, “And if little baby Martians come out of the UFOs / You can hug them?”

Now I know for sure I was right. Vomit on me baby, yeah yeah yeah.
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The documentary Off the Charts has some great interviews with both Ramsey Kearney and John Trubee. Ramsey in particular seems to have a great sense of humour about the whole thing now.
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Isn't the song actually called "Peace and Love"?
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Wow, the world is rediscovering the genius that is Blind Man's Penis!

I used to listen to in in the eighties... on one of my all-time favorite cassets, The Enigma Variations (Vol I).

I wish I had all my Rodney on the Rock cassets... Or my cassets from Andrea Enthal's 12 O'clock Rock (on at Saturday, midnight, KPFK in Las Angeles-- she played a lot of good, obscure punk!).

I'd love to listen to it again... I wish they were all archived somewhere.

BTW, any one who is into that song should try listening to Music for Nimrods. The DJ, Reverend Dan is the best at raunchy and raucus rock n' roll.
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Thanks for this. It was great.
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What an incredible story. Wow. Absurdly ararchic and fun. That was great jonp72. It makes me feel like blades of grass growing through the concrete sidewalk, something hopefully irreverent in it.
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