January 21, 2000
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I'm interested in folks opinions on what they find to be the most thought provokoing album from a lyrical perspective.

For me, it has to be The Holy Bible by the Welsh band, the Manic Street Preachers. Written from a socialist / communist angle, the lyrics are quite explicit (see the first track "Yes"), and used intentionally to shock people, but the way the album is written is brilliant. The use of samples is very good, again with "Yes" and used with particularly disturbing effect (IMHO) on the 12th track "The Intense Humming Evil", where the sample is a piece about the Nuremburg War Trials where the commentator talks of Holocaust victims taking revenge on their murderers.

Topics are wide ranging, and all focusing on negative aspects on humanity. I'd be interesting in seeing what Americans here think of the second track "ifamericatoldthetruthforonedayitsworldwouldfallapart"

All in all, very bleak, quite disturbing, and quite brilliant. An interesting glimpse into the mind of Richey Edwards, the former lead guitarist and lyricist ( and manic depressive among other things) who disappeared in 1995.

Take a look at their last two albums also - nowhere near as bleak as this one, they are still excellent.

If you want a listen and can't get the album, I'll do an MP3 of a couple of tracks for you - as long as you get rid of it soon after :-)
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Most thought provoking album in my collection would probably be the Disposible Heroes of Hiphoprisy (Michael Franti & co) with their CD Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury. Stunning from beginning to end, with 'Television, the drug of the nation', and 'The Language of Violence' and 'Music and Politics'. It's a kick in the head. They broke up after one album and Franti went on to form Spearhead (yawn).

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The Mekons Rock 'n' Roll: Brilliant deconstruction of rock and roll as cultural, media and capitalist tool. Favorite lyric: "...by seventeen/sex no longer held a mystery for me/I viewed it as a commodity/to be bought and sold/like Rock'n'Roll", followed closely by "Destroy your safe & happy lives/before it is too late" - in different songs, yet.
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