it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing
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Max and Thomas have some classic fun doing the Lindy hip hop but, sometimes, there ain't nothin' like the real thing, baby: Helzappoppin, Groovie Movie, 50s Charleston in Harlem, Original UpRock, Swing Fever, Power Girls. Learn more about the history of this kickass dance at early Lindy Hop. (Alert: YouTube links)
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Holy crap this post is awesome. That first lindy link - helzappoppin - absolutely blows my mind. I love the lindy hop - any dance move that can start as something so orderly and simple and transform into something so totally different is a thing of beauty.
thank you madam. :D
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See also: The Jit, a prior mefi post by klangstonklangston.
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Who's that doing "Love Me or Leave Me" in the first link?

I need to know if liking it makes me uncool or not.
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I am pretty sure that is Sammy Davis Jr. singing in the first clip.
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So both cool and uncool at the same time.
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Excellent! By the way, see the entire Hellzapoppin' if you want to have a great time. An entirely insane comedy before insanity was fashionable.
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Definitely Sammy Davis, Jr.

Great post mjj. I'm working on a Lindy Hop post as well, but the only intersection might be Hellzapoppin'.
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And let me add:

I was alien to this slick tempo. Even the owner of the smallest enterprise acts with alacrity. The shoeshine boy flips his polishing rag with alacrity, the bartender serves a beer with alacrity...the soda clerk, when serving an egg malted milk, performs like a hopped up juggler.
--Charlie Chaplin,
My Autobiography (1964)
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Holy Calamity! Baby those cats can swing!
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Awesome post, mjjj. Thanks!

I've been Lindy-ing for thirty years now, and it remains my favorite dance (well, tied with the waltz, I suppose), though I've learned many others. Its incredible versatility is attested to in the first link. If you've got the Lindy down, one-step, two-step, Western swing... all no problem.

I used the Lindy as the basis for disco-dancing throughout the late 70's and early 80's. It's also perfect for Rock-a-billy.

In my opinion, the Lindy is the waltz of the twentieth century, in that it is easily learned, and easily adaptable to many styles of music.

Thanks again!
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jesus that is the coolest thing ever.
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just trying to up the newsfilter quotient so this excellent post gets some notice...
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Great post, thanks!
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Minnesotans, take note: One of the dancers from the Hellzapoppin clip, Norma Miller, has written book about her experiences and will be reading from it at Majors and Quinn on Friday at 7pm.
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mjjj for UN sec-gen
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Frankie Manning was in Hellzapoppin, though I don't remember which one he is. He's an awesome man though, I got to listen to him a few years back talk about his life and the development of lindy (he's considered the creator of the aerial donchaknow).
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