Angel Funding. Truly.
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WOXY is Dead. Long Live WOXY. One of the best modern music stations, WOXY (previously discussed here), closed up shop in September 15, 2006 after running out of money. Their subscription-based model failed to generate sufficient revenue to keep the station on-line. Amazingly, their plea for "white knight" funding was answered 5 days later. Their savior was Bill Nguyen of Within 4 weeks WOXY was up and running again - no fees, same format and same staff.
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Well that's nice for them
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Woxy Music
/someone had to say it
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Yay! I always liked WOXY, but wasn't surprised when they went under.

No Barb though, which I have mixed feelings about. She could talk to much, but she had personality.

Interesting business model they seem to be going for though.
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Even if it's short lived, I'm glad for the return. They introduced me to a ton of artists I would've had a hard time finding otherwise.

Plus, Barb shouted me out one day on air despite the fact she openly admitted that she had no idea where in Canada PEI is. She'll be missed.
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Great post - the message board thread is superb.
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Not to derail, but if you need your Barb fix, we're suffering through listening to her weekday mornings on 89.3, The Current in Mpls/St. Paul.

Also, given the state of technology, what's so special about saving a radio station format these days? Can't you find the same thing at tons of other stations who broadcast online? (KEXP, WFMU and the Current spring to mind.) Yeah, there's your drive, but that's easily replaced by your iPod and how much time are you spending on your drive in Cinci?

Nyguen made no bones about wanting WOXY to drive LaLa sales. It's now his opportunity to build his own PRMS. Angel funding? Sure, with devil on its shoulder.
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I was ecstatic when I heard that WOXY would be back! And with higher quality free streams too!

It'll be nice to have them back, but we'll just have to wait and see what it becomes. Hopefully they'll stay around longer this time...
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Wow, great twist. I went to Miami U in Oxford, Ohio, and the stuff I heard on OXY in the early- to mid-80s helped me come out to my friends, got me out of the house to see Black Flag (where I paged through dozens of Raymond Pettibone comics and felt them explode in my head), and just generally kept me sane in an ocean of normalcy. What a debt.

The subscription thing was doomed to fail with so many other options out there, so it's awesome to see them rejoining the free radio world.
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