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Born Magazine : Design, Literature, Together.

Found through The Magnificent Melting Object.
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Caveat: of the 185 pieces they have archived on this site, I've only looked at a few, and those gave me sort of mixed reactions. That said, anybody who has read Understanding Comics knows that the twentieth century marks the beginning of a massive cross-pollination between language and design (or between word and image, if you prefer) that shows all signs of proliferating even further in this new century. By imagining "unique forms of expression on the Web" and playing with "the lines between reader and artist, sound and word, motion and image," this site contributes to the generation of forms that will be increasingly relevant to our future, and the awkwardness of some of the pieces there may be just the awkwardness of a baby taking its early steps. (Notice the emphasis on "birth" that proliferates on their index page ("mother.html").)


"With the foundation of an international moving script, [poets] will renew their authority in the life of peoples, and find a role awaiting them in comparison to which all the innovative aspirations of rhetoric will reveal themselves as antiquated daydreams."

Walter Benjamin, 1928. (Emphasis mine.)
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One of the most interesting thing about the site, as far as I'm concerned, is its functional and unobtrusive use of Flash in the index bar.
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Their Flash-detection script won't let me view the page, even though I have Flash installed (on Linux, but still).
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jbushnell - I noticed when Born was getting its start in 1997, the quality of the "literature" they accepted was far below their current standards- exactly as you said, as a baby taking its first steps. The magazine has improved by leaps and bounds since then, and I've been impressed with how it has continued to explore various ways of presenting writing online.

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This is my favorite Born Mag piece ever. It requires that you use Netscape 4.x to view it (bad programmers, bad!), but it's worth it. It's the most inventive use of DHTML I've ever seen.
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Yes, sum good, sumb ad. Yes, no, yess. Somebody at Bornmag fucked me one dark night, thogh...

"...and of course every vital, free-thinking cultural movement that only the true hipsters know about eventually winds up in a car commercial." - Eugene Chadbourne

The Magnificent Melting Object
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Language is design. A book is inevitably a design object. Words are just pictures of sounds. I wrote an appaling essay on this subject a while ago. It is here. But bear in mind that the end is a little nieve. I wrote it in 2 hours.
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My freshman english teacher had comics in the classroom, "Life in Hell" and stuff. Not the best, but not the worst either.
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I've used "Ghost World" in the classroom before.
posted by jbushnell at 11:51 AM on February 2, 2001

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