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Hannes Kater is the drawing generator. Order now for a drawing of your choice, drawn to your text specifications. No charge!
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I just ordered one. Nobody else bother him until he's done with mine, ok?
posted by ba at 12:31 PM on November 15, 2006

A lot like Exploding Dog.
posted by JBennett at 12:34 PM on November 15, 2006

via Pruned
posted by signal at 12:35 PM on November 15, 2006

I ordered one too. Mine will be better than yours, ba, I am sure of it.
posted by arcticwoman at 12:56 PM on November 15, 2006

Confound you, arcticwoman! Is there no end to your treachery!?!
(Throws hat on ground; Stomps on same)
posted by ba at 1:12 PM on November 15, 2006

Judging by at least one sample, I'm guessing Hanne's Tomcat hasn't been fixed.
posted by rob511 at 2:27 PM on November 15, 2006

I like his reasons for possibly not doing a drawing:

"If the drawing doesn’t arrive as soon as you'd have liked, that could be because I
- have too much to do
- haven’t mailed the drawing yet (why is it easier to complete
a drawing than to send it?)
- am overwhelmed by the text you’ve submitted
- have the feeling that your order is superficial and loveless"
posted by SmileyChewtrain at 2:55 PM on November 15, 2006

i knew there'd be a catch.
posted by Kino at 4:08 PM on November 15, 2006

I ordered one also, but it's a sad one and if he does draw it, I'll give it to the person the story is about.
posted by Holy foxy moxie batman! at 4:37 PM on November 15, 2006

Ooh! Not crazy about these, but I like Exploding Dog.
Thanks, JB!
posted by dreamsign at 10:38 PM on November 15, 2006

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