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People walking in. The downside of recording yourself dancing or playing the air guitar or wrestling with a teddy bear or impersonating your relatives is that your parents might walk in during the recording. [Youtube, Safe]
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Why do people try to look nonchalant when busted? It's not like that rewinds/erases.

And no one knocks anymore??
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That's funny..
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You know how, when you remember a particularly embarassing moment, the sensation of embarassment vividly returns? Watching these I was reminded of an afternoon when I was 16, jumping around my room, rocking out to a Dead Kennedys record, when in walked my mom. The memory made me feel like it was 5 minutes and not 14 years ago.
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What I don't get is why people post this stuff... I mean, it's obviously not too embarassing to post. But I don't get the appeal of home-made lip-sync videos in the first place, maybe that's it.
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I'm not sure why being caught taping yourself doing something silly seems to be so much more embarrassing than doing something silly and putting it up on teh internets for a bazillion people to see, laugh at, and mock.
But it is.

*Flashes to being 8 and standing on my bed singing along to The California Raisins' cover of "Dock of the Bay" with my earphones on, turning (Not twirling!) to find my mom and sister pissing themselves in the doorway.*
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If that's the worst thing in the world his father ever walks in and catches him doing, they can both consider themselves lucky, lucky people.
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Jesus, I need to learn how to spell.
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You guys' memories of being walked in on are actually funnier than the videos linked above.

I remember singing at the top of my lungs while vacuuming, once. It was *cringes* Yaki-Da's "I Saw You Dancing." I was 14. Because I had the vacuum running, I didn't hear my parents' car pull into the garage and was startled half to death when they walked in, but I played it cool. I didn't say anything, and they just went about their business, so I thought I was in the clear. That's when my mother shouted from downstairs, "You're going to ruin your voice like that, by the way."

I paused, completely mortified, and then said something like, "Yeah... I... uh... I finished the living room floor!"
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After YouTube sold, the site was all over the news. Folks were on about the potential social impact and the massive number of videos of the site. I always wished for an asterix and a projected percentage of said videos that were just white kids cavorting to Top 40 tunes in front of their webcams. And a second footnote for those videos that were simply someone "ranting" at their desk. Subtract these two groups, and the number of videos sees a dramatic drop.

All the Roman Candle fights can stay, though.

All that said, you never quite have fun the same way as you do at 15. Your options are quite a bit broader when you're unconcerned with dignity. I remember bouncing round my bedroom, singing along with (god help me) Green Day into my CD remote. I was on a verse with swears and my mom was out in the adjacent laundry room. In about three years, I ought to be done cringing in shame.
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Leave the Roman Candlics out of this.
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I used to sing along to my Pete Seegar cd, aloud, but I didn't give a shit that my family and probably the next door neighbors could hear me. Then puberty went up another notch, and well, not much is left of my voice.
Singing is a fun thing, and people who are embarassed to do it, well, aren't.
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i would just like to say that this is exactly how youtube posts should be made. cheers for this post!
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This reminds me of the time I sang Duke of Earl to my second grade class, or the made up song about robots.
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It could be worse. (nsfw)
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It would've been much funnier if this was not safe for work, then when somebody walked in on you watching it...
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The caught-stripping vid GeekAnimator linked to is the best of this lot, of course (despite the censor strip). I would have looked for it myself but had no idea where to find it. The way the mom gets into it .. and of course the completely nonsensical way the girl covers the lens of the webcam, as if her boyfriend is actually visible.
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...and he's holding a camcorder...
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Don't folks who act all wacky/sexay for their cams usually watch a feed of themselves to make sure they stay in the frame?

I smell fake, the only way to be sure is to watch it again. Maybe some actual pr0n too, to serve as a control.
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Wow, I didn't even know there was a Yahoo Video. Predictably, though, it sucks donkey balls (it won't load for me).
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Video 2: Staged.
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I smell fake

Looks outstandingly fake to me. The way the mom instantly got into it without even a moment's surprise. the way the girl somehow failed to hear the door open 3 feet behind her.

the way it's essentially an extremely famous scene from the movie "American Pie" with the sexes reversed.
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I seem to remember this one being staged too -- thought this was the original walk-in video. Funny though, if not.
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The title of the air guitar link on you tube should be edited to from "Master of Puppets" to "Master of Muppets".
(well it made me chuckle)
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