"This is a long story, it rambles a bit, and it has a punchline."
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Colleen Doran, a comics creator that's collaborated with Neil Gaiman, Warren Ellis, and J Michael Straczynski, blogs about her experiences while publishing her epic A Distant Soil with Starblaze Graphics in the 80s. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5
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Thanks beaucoupkevin. Interesting real life saga and learning journey. I also enjoy her wonderful, intense visuals and gem-like colors.
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Strangely, she skates over her WaRP Graphics period, which is odd since Wendy and Richard Pini were her first publishers. And I still have my Starblaze editions of Elfquest, Myth Adventures and Buck Godot, so I can't think too badly about them as publishers.

I read A Distant Soil, back in the day, and just didn't find it to my liking, though I'm sure there were many readers who would have enjoyed it more. Perhaps the real problem was she just had trouble finding her market.
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She is just about the coolest chick ever.
I met her at a comicon but she would not remember me.
She was really nice.
Cool work too... and her stories about her life and the ups and downs are amazing.
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I remember when Sassy magazine mentioned Distant Soil in 1994 or so. Sought it out soon after, and felt pretty eh about it, but except for that one short blurb, I never read too much more on Doran's life. I was missing out on a really interesting story. Thanks!
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Aw c'mon Colleen, tell your Julie Schwartz story.
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Man, thanks for this.
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I hate when I run across someone who's so cool, who has such good intentions, and whose work is so very very bad.
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You forgot to link to the epilogue.
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Well, you took care of that for me, didn't you? Thanks!
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Funnily I've never liked her stuff because of the way she draws hair. I guess I'm just petty like that.
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The other epilogue, from later.

A Distant Soil isn't my cup of tea, but I enjoyed this epic tale of swashbuckling publishers. Also, Colleen Doran is apparently very pretty, so we've got that in common.
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