indie comics creators introduce themselves
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Comics writer Warren Ellis invited indie comics creators to introduce their work (warning: image intensive page) in his new forum, Whitechapel. With posts from 100+ writers/artists creating everything from free webcomics to traditional books, it's a great source for new reading material.
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Some of my favorites include this screaming adorable chibi style webcomic, and this cool looking cyberpunk post-apocalypse story complete with a link from the creator to the Pirate Bay torrent file.
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Some of these are really good. I'm not a fan of superhero comics, but I like some of these. I'm also not really a collector, so it's nice to have a place to discover some new artists. Thanks for the post!
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All Knowledge Is Strange was pretty good.
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I live in Whitechapel, London and I have no idea WTF they're on about.
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Cool. I added a link to mine, although it's so far into the discussion that I don't know how much ove it'll get.

I don't always love Warren Ellis's books (although Nextwave was the bee's knees, the cat's ass, and the dog's logs), but things like this make him a very large force for good.
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Party Bear is terrific
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