Linoleum Block Printing
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We probably all remember potato printing from grade school. Some of us graduated to linoleum block printing. Others take linoleum block printing to a whole new level. (Direct links to Mary Mark's archives and her article about her technique.)
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I liked the prints by the kids in your second link better than Mary Mark's. To me the whole point of a linocut is the rough edges and rawness that comes from carving it out and printing, Mark's work is too neat and clean.
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I think I did this in 6th grade. In true 1970s ethic, I made a hand giving the peace sign gesture, with a wilted daisy draped over it. One of the pedals was falling to the ground. Came out pretty good, considering I really am not good at any type of drawing.
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In the 10th grade, I did a lino block print of Gene Simmons from KISS. It turned out great and I was selling them for five bucks a pop, people liked them so much. I was able to buy pot for six months just off that one print alone. I love art.
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Nice post and thread. Fun nostalgia about doing lino art at school. Didn't like linocuts at that time in the late 60's nor the medium, those grey, smelly pieces of linoleum and always managed to gouge out a chunk of my fingers with the tools.

I didn't expect to like Mary Mark's artwork but I do, even though it's not typical of this art form. Like seeing her hands as she works and the process of her art as it changed from 1989 onwards. Am a sucker for gentle Italian landscapes.
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Thanks nickysky for the link to the tools. I was looking for a suitable close-up of the tools, but ran out of patience. I gouged myself a couple times, too.
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Ah! A medium employed by some of the best the 20th century had to offer.
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