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Can a Bunny be your friend? Move over Tamagotchi, Move over Elmo. He can talk, smell and has a bellybutton. Strange, but kind of cool...unless they turn into this.
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Well, that makes my pet rabbitt look like so much worthless fur.
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Is it possible that the Japanese are simply leading the charge of creating substitutes in anticipation of humanity's eventual decimation of all organic animal species?
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Hey. Hey. I was expecting to find that annoying and useless, but that actually seems pretty cool. $150 or so for an ambient weather/traffic/stock market indicator, plus other crap, isn't so bad.

Too bad it looks like a rabbit, and all.
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Too bad it looks like a rabbit, and all.

That's not a bug, that's a feature.
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I would have to kill it. and eat it.
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I wanted to get myself and my brother these for Christmas, but they've been backordered on thinkgeek for months. They're finally supposed to come this week.

People on the internet have done some cool stuff with these. There's a video on Youtube of a Nabaztag giving orders to an Aibo.
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This one's a French product, not Japanese (the theme song in french is... funky). I bought one just under a year ago as a valentine's present. It's never worked, and it's going back - again - for warranty repair. Usually takes a month and a bit to go and come back.

It should be a rather funny and quirky. If we can ever get it to start up properly for more than 10 seconds before it keels over and dies.
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Looks like initial reports are grim.
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Ugh..this is going to be all over Metachat.
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This is vaporware. FAKEFILTER!
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Jump, bunny, jump!
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my that's stupid.
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You should be able to eat your pets in a time of crisis. This one looks too crunchy.
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Ha. I saw that in Bust's gift guide a few months ago, but they didn't include any details as to what it actually did, so I assumed it was a sex toy.
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delmoi: you say that now, but I bet you didn't know you could keep recipes on it. That's right, recipes. You upload a recipe, and it recites it in a creepy artificial female voice, line-by-line. You'll be making stroganoff and your horrible rabbit will ruthlessly intone Tiimmee TO ADD THA sourrr creeeem, and its ears will whirr mechanically, and it will glow hatefully at you.
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Sure, a bunny could be my friend. I've had friends who cost me a lot of money, seemed to be cool to hang out with, but ultimately sat around and did nothing.
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... and then pooped under the couch.
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What an utter waste of technology.

(I want heeem!!)
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Sure it's cute, but until it can eat parsley like a wood-chipper, it won't ever be my best friend.
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Ugh..this is going to be all over Metachat.

You are half right...
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I've said it before, and I'll say it again:
Betty Chu's Bunnies was the best BUNNIES! FPP of all time.
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I kind of want one, and I am still not all that sure what it does. Or at least, I have no idea if I'd actually use it.

But...they're cute! They light up! People give them outfits! They do some kind of made-up rabbit tai chi (whatever that is)!

Okay, I'm just a sucker for rabbits, period. I'd get it if it was cheaper than it is, just to have it sit around and look cute with the rest of the office toys. I don't think my coworkers would appreciate it talking when I got e-mail, though.
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Needs more hair.
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Meh — I don't see any place to balance pancakes. Skewering them is not the same.
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I think I'm going to hang in there with the living, breathing cat for now. He can't give me a traffic report, but he's the best at lap-warming :)
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I don't think it's a terrible idea, despite the silly theme, annoying marketing, and possibly (if the reports are correct) faulty execution, but I'm kind of weirded out that all the pictures and video on the website appear to be badly rendered mock-ups. They might just have been badly Photoshopped into their backgrounds, but I can't tell. Makes the whole thing feel like a joke or a hoax.

Note: I don't actually think it is a hoax. The imagery just makes it feel like one.
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My bunny is nabojan if anyone wants to be friends.
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I like my bunnies low-tech. Brer Rabbit in Tales of Uncle Remus or Bunny chime ball.
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Screw this. No WPA support? No insecure lagomorphs for me. Besides, the only good lagomorph was...

At least you knew what you were getting...
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If I spent enough time at home to justify spending more than $10 on any home furnishing that I can't sit on or keep books in, I would definitely want one of these.

I wish I could have one of these at work and it would say things like "Time to brew more Henry's Blend!" and "Creamers need refilling!" because the timers that we have drive me out of my farking mind. It would be so much more pleasant to have a small electronic rabbit reminding me to go and check the lobby for detritus than beepbeepbeepbeep. beepbeepbeepbeep. beepbeepbeepbeep. That sound haunts my dreams.
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