Roy Zimmerman-Funny Songs about Ignorance, War and Greed
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What's funny about war, poverty, ignorance, bigotry, neo-conservatism, homophobia, greed, lust and fear? Ask Roy Zimmerman. He's been writing satirical songs for twenty years. Don't miss his Love Song to Dick Cheney.
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Hahahahahaha! That Dick Cheney song is really funny! Thanks!
posted by flapjax at midnite at 5:40 PM on April 2, 2007

That barrel of oil crack was pretty good.
posted by Richard Daly at 6:15 PM on April 2, 2007

So how many guys has he shot in the face? Only Jeff Gannon may know for sure.

Funny stuff. Thanks.
posted by Benny Andajetz at 6:32 PM on April 2, 2007

Is it Cheney day today?
posted by BrotherCaine at 6:42 PM on April 2, 2007

My wife loves this guy.

Zimmerman, not Cheney.
posted by Lentrohamsanin at 6:43 PM on April 2, 2007

I love Roy Zimmerman's songs, but I really wish that his group, The Foremen, had stayed together. Even though "The Best of the Foremen" is out on cd, it doesn't have everything from Folk Heroes and What's Left? ("Who Needs Art?" is an example of a continually relevant song which is missing from this collection). I saw them live twice, and they were terrific fun.

Still, Roy's all we've got today to carry Tom Lehrer's mantle. (I wish I still had my copy of Folk Heroes so I could type up Tom Lehrer's quote from the liner notes; damn computers making it easy to sell off your cd collection yet still keep all your music! You only regret it later.)

Art is ageless and sublime;
a waste of otherwise productive time--
it leads to yoga, hacky-sack, and mime!
Who needs it? Who needs it? Who needs it? Who needs it?

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This is great, thanks!
posted by AV at 7:43 PM on April 2, 2007

Any relation to Bob Zimmerman?
posted by ZenMasterThis at 7:51 PM on April 2, 2007

Hmm, I dunno about this. I think I prefer Phil Ochs.
posted by nasreddin at 10:15 PM on April 2, 2007

Hot damn, he's actually surprisingly really very quite especially unexpectedly good!
posted by Milkman Dan at 7:16 AM on April 3, 2007

My favorite lyrics from Defenders of Marriage:
Every time we think about same-sex parents
"Oh, my gosh!" we exclaim
I mean, two people who want to provide a protective
And nurturing family environment
Have they no shame?
It's so deviant!
It's the Lord's holy word, as my second wife said to my third
That a family's based on obligation and fear

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See also: Mark Russell, Tom Lehrer.
posted by Doohickie at 9:56 AM on April 3, 2007

I find Mark Russell and Tom Lehrer to be toothless, obnoxious, and dull, (Russell far more so than Lehrer...)

This guy? He's okay.
posted by stenseng at 11:19 AM on April 3, 2007

Zimmerman just seems better cuz he's more current. And because Mark Russell was never really that good.
posted by Doohickie at 11:42 AM on April 3, 2007

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