It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Paper Airplane!
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The Online Paper Airplane Museum. Hundreds and hundreds of designs. Also check out The Paperang, which bills itself as "The Best Paper Airplane System In The World."
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Also see Ken Blackburn's Paper Airplanes, at, previously featured on Metafilter here.
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re: Paperang

Scissors? Staples? Blasphemy!
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Love it!

I'm amazed that someone is selling a paper aeroplane design for $10 on the internet. With a free trial version. Paperwarez.
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My friend Sipho Mabona in Switzerland is a mad paper airplane folder, and is strenuously trying to crack the Guinness Book of World Records for max time aloft, etc.

It's kind of interesting to see people who are deeply fixated on paper airplanes, I love it when folks take their hobbies this seriously. For some strange reason, it gives me hope about mankind.
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Scissors? Staples? Blasphemy!

No kidding.
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This is a great post. As a kid I had The Great International Paper Airplane book and I loved it!
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This is fun. I took a class in paper airplane making when I was about 11, and I've always wished that I retained more of what I learned there.
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Good luck to your friend, EricGjerde!
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The Paperang really is a most impressive airplane. I first saw it in 1997, before Hui was selling the PDF on; I was so impressed I wrote a PostScript program that prints out the fold pattern (with instructions).

I can't recommend it highly enough! The usual "dart" designs are bricks compared to the Paperang.

Here it is in PDF form: (Note: this is not the same as the PDF on Hui's site, it is a re-implementation. I've placed it in the public domain and there is no copyright on the file.)
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Cool, thanks.
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