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Audits of the Conventional Wisdom "MIT's Center for International Studies tours the horizon of conventional wisdoms that animate U.S. foreign policy, and puts them to the test of data and history."
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Awesome link. I like the show me the money one. "Let's streamline bureaucracy by adding another layer on top!" always seemed like a dumb idea to me.
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Amazing. Thanks.
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Very nice. Thanks for the post!
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I'm curious, but not Opening a PDF curious.
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...because opening a PDF is such a horribly taxing burden.
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...because opening a PDF is so much harder than writing a comment to say you're not going to be opening a PDF

These are awesome, Abeizer, thank you. It's like being issued talking points for non-imbeciles.
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In defence of Eideteker, I didn't link to individual articles because of the PDF thing, but the ones I read on subjects I'm somewhat familiar with were thought-provoking and most worthwhile. Gives me some confidence that the articles on issues I'm more ignorant of will also be educational.
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"...because opening a PDF is such a horribly taxing burden."

It is on my computer.
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Thank you.
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