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Interesting photos and video of Montreal's standing wave, which has become something of a surfing hot spot (.mov) even though it is 400 km from the nearest ocean. Standing wave surfing is also big in Munich. Perhaps fallen Baywatch star David Hasselhoff had something to do with it?
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Don't you know any better, boy?
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Yes I went there. Montreal, Munich, and the 'hoff.
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It is worth noting that the standing wave in Montreal is right next to the architecturally beautiful Habitat 67.
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Another kind of standing wave.
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flapjax at midnite, they are one and the same, the standing wave in a river is an example of moving media along a standing wave.
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they are one and the same

Of course you're right. And that's exactly the kind of everything-is-all-one-vibrating-energy-flux-circularly-radiating-throughout-eternity-and-back-into-my-fingertips kinda thing that used to be so apparent to me during acid trips as a teen!
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Dude, it's like traveling without moving!
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(as far as the x-axis is concerned)
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Oh, the hoops we'll jump through to get the 'tube on the 'fi. No offense, but I kinda hope that the Drunkenhoff gets this post deleted, even if everything else is jake.
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I guess people just want the Hoff.
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Is that for the youtube video or the people that keep posting it?
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Vache-abunga, M. le dude!
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You're really pissing in the face of the admins, eh furtive?
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OK ... I'm confused.

Just what does an ( apparently inebriated ) David Hasselhoff have to do with river-wave surfing in Montreal? Is there somehow supposed to be something humorous in that very sad clip; or does the Internet make everything fair game for ironic commentary? Does no one have any sense of common decency left anymore?

What am I missing here?
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WTF is with the goddamn Hasslehoff bullshit?
posted by Malor at 1:20 AM on May 6, 2007

What you're missing: The Hasselhoff clip has been posted and deleted three times already. And now furtive thought he'd be cute and sneak it in to a different post.
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Pareid, you're missing that that clip has been posted, and deleted, at least twice.

I suspect this entire post is a way of trying to sneak it past the admins.
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I don't care for seeing Hasselhoffs private problems.
But I did laugh at the stealth link.

Well, it took a while, but you have your outrage now furtive.
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I guess it makes more sense now. But I still can't figure out what would inspire someone to post such a sad thing in the first place.

Elsewhere someone wanted me to listen to an audio recording of some actor berating his daughter on the phone, but at least they had the decency to warn me about the content in advance, so I could choose to avoid it.
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I'm always up for talking about surfing. Surfing is possibly one of the most Zen activities I can imagine. And I have to imagine it. The very idea that people are finding new places and means to engage in this sport is a testament to its magical and magnetic goodness. Surfing is one of the few remaining means with which people can interact directly with purely natural forces. I'm sorry I called it Zenlike. It is a religion onto itself. It must feel incredible to tap so easily into a feeling like exhilaration.

Oh I'm sorry. I'm supposed to say something that's barely clever.

The man who molded "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" into a musical parts his lips for the demon rum? I am awestruck. That drunk son of a bitch is incredible. He just invented hotel room floor surfing while teaching his kid the finer points of soul surfing.

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And now furtive thought he'd be cute and sneak it in to a different post.

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So what you will about the Hoff, but he was instrumental in helping to end the fucking Cold War, Goddamn it.
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Oh nine, eff-nine, eleven, oh-seven... Ah ne'ermind.
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The people want their Hoff, Jess.

The standing wave thing is pretty interesting. I would think is is a pretty common natural phenomena, I wonder how many places people surf these things?
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Damn, the way that guy just shoots down into the standing wave at the beginning of the video is amazing. And there's lots of video of folks surfing the Munich wave.

The people want their Hoff, Jess.

Ugh. Making fun of that sad, sad video is pathetic. (And someone needs to tell Hasselhoff's daughter that promises from drunk people don't mean shit.)

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After finally watching the whole video, I think it's just a viral ad for Wendy's."
posted by BeerFilter at 7:24 AM on May 6, 2007

another vote for deletion, and furtive getting a timeout to boot.
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So he drinks a bit, look at the poor bastards commute
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A dull and detailed explanation on how I conceived this post:

The inspiration for this post came after finding standing wave surfing mentioned in a blog only twenty-four hours after seeing yet another friend walking down a Montreal street with a surf board.

I figured river surfing to be a rather unknown phenomenon and decided to post about it after I was pleasantly surprised to discover articles, decent photos and videos available on the web yet nothing more than a brief comment by mathowie about static surfing on the blue.

Matt's comment was enough for me to search the web to see if standing wave surfing occurs in other places, the Saint-Lawrence seaway may be impressive but it can't be the only river featuring a standing wave. At this point I already had a post ready in preview on the site. I was going to add the additional links as part of a [more inside] to go with the Habitat 67 link.

My intention was to let the second draft sit in preview over night and the submit it Sunday morning to help thin out the NYTimes links and other heavy reading that invariably finds its way to the blue at the end of the week, but when I wrote big in Munich it made me think of the whole big in Germany meme. Germany, surfing and Hasselhoff go together like peanut butter, chocolate and an overused cliché, so in an an act of eponistry (stick that in your language hat) I included the drunken Hasselhoff link.

Of course I checked the blue to make sure the drunken link hadn't already been done, and when no links came up I (correcetly) figured it had been done, just not well. Looks like I solved that conundrum.

Note: No alcohol was consumed during the conception or implementation of this FPP.
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/me opens a ticket with Firefox about spellcheck failing when word touch certain forms of punctuation.
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"Looks like I solved that conundrum. "

No, you didn't.
posted by klangklangston at 8:49 AM on May 6, 2007

This is a great post. Who cares about the Hasselhof thing? It's not the first time a FPP has contained a small digression that would (and has) made a crap FPP on its own. You people are wound so tight. Sheesh.
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No alcohol was consumed during the conception or implementation of this FPP.

Heh heh. You probably shouldn't have said that. Over-consumption of alcohol on the part of MeFi posters has (at least on one occasion) softened a moderator's heart and stayed the hand of deletion.
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I really dug the standing wave stuff, having never even heard of it before. So thanks for that. The Hasselhoff was skipped over here because I can't imagine anything Hasselhoffy that would interest me.
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Shhhh... keep it down people. The admins'll hear and delete the Hoff again. We can't have nice things around here...
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Geez, I hear if you really want that video of Hoff you can probably find it on the Internets if you look. Try that new search engine they're talking about, too.

Err, the whole Hoff thing is sad. It's never pleasant to see someone when they're down, even if they're a celebrity - being famous doesn't mean we get a special priviledge of laughing at their misery.

Having said that, thank you for the standing wave stuff - fascinating to see. I wonder if there's a worldwide community of river surfers, and if Montreal will start using that as an added tourist attraction (not that you need many more, mind you).

(nice explanation btw furtive).
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If people want to focus on the 'hoff instead of the surfing that is their perogative, but it would make better sense to discuss his daughter's posting of the video and not my own surreptitious link to said video. I may be responsible for the quality of the FPP, but you are all equally responsible for the quality of your comments in this thread.

As a starter, perhaps you could say something thoughtful about how the gaze of the electric eye has become so piercing that even hardened celebrities aren't immune to its effect, or how you fear that soon the entire world will be accountable for every action, every decision, in real time. Maybe you could back up your comment with links to the stoning of that poor girl in Iraq, or the breakdown of the director for I Love Huckabees, or maybe you could find a more positive example or challenge others to find one.

Perhaps you could try to persuade us that what 'hoff's daughter did was positive when considered in the context of an intervention between the entire digital world and David Hasselhoff and that it is only awkward because he was caught red handed, or maybe you could say something about how betrayed you'd feel if your daughter did something like that to you and how hard it would be to reconcile things after that, or you know, you could just call me a dick for not reading every post that gets deleted on Metafilter.
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Interesting ... I had heard about "breaks" like this before, and there's a relatively famous one at the mouth of the Amazon.

In a certain way, the breaks in Montreal & Munich are sort of a natural version of this.

And FlowRiders have always kind of fascinated me ...
posted by Relay at 10:11 AM on May 6, 2007

That's a great link Relay, I thought of things like that for skiing/snowboarding but didn't realize it extended it to surfing.
posted by furtive at 10:24 AM on May 6, 2007

Here's a Halfbakery link about using dams for flowriding.
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Maybe you could surf both directions on the reversing falls in New Brunswick

Recent globe and mail article

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Whatever people may have to say about standing waves and/or the 'Hoff, furtive, you mentioned something else that made my day. I'd completely forgotten about Habitat 67, but I remember it made a powerful impression on me as a grade schooler seeing it in (I think) My Weekly Reader. I desperately wanted to live there or someplace like it, and I still wish I could.
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River waves are a staple of playboating (look at the videos under "playboating"), essentially freestyle moves in small kayaks.

The wave in Montreal (Lachine/Habitat) is one of the bigger vesions, but there are other biggies including Skook and Buseater, but most playboating happens on a smaller scale.
posted by craven_morhead at 10:57 AM on May 6, 2007

I just came here to say that the gaze of the electric eye has become so piercing that even hardened celebrities aren't immune to its effect.

And river surfing looks awesome!
posted by The Deej at 11:11 AM on May 6, 2007

As a (wind) ( ice) (snow) surfer myself, I'm still not getting the Hasselhoff connection.

Colour me skeptical.
posted by PareidoliaticBoy at 2:40 PM on May 6, 2007

Hasselhoff --> Baywatch ---> Pamela Anderson ----> Unnatural standing waves of flesh.

posted by Rumple at 2:46 PM on May 6, 2007

Related: a post on The Pororoca (which has this Munich link in the last comment).
posted by tellurian at 5:42 PM on May 6, 2007

"even though it is 400 km"

In English, please.
posted by Eideteker at 4:31 PM on May 7, 2007

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