Friday Flash Fun - who needs to work, anyway?
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Friday Flash Fun: Kongregate has a variety of games, including my current fave Castlewars, a card based game where you win by building up your own castle, or utterly destroying your opponent's castle. You may also enjoy luminara, which I can only describe as the dance version of Asteroids. Or, you could just have a monkey fire at balloons with darts.
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Monkeys throwing darts! Thanks. I was playing that paper airplane game earlier in the week, not sure if it's been posted yet but it's a good time killer.
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I like the Castle game, but network play is WAY fucked. It was like I had wandered into a hallucinogenic 4chan flash explosion.
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Ooohhh, I like Castlewars. Thanks for the post!
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I've only played Castlewars against the computer so far while I figure out strategies. I've had great resources but lousy cards, and lost the game. Sometimes discarding is a strategy, I'm finding.

I'm stuck on level 25 on Bloons, can't get past it, and the levels after it are locked. Grrr!
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booksherpa, there are hints aplenty on the googles...
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I've played a crazy amount of castle wars.

The AI is frustratingly stupid. I've played many games where it just needs to play a card that's on the table and it has the resources for to win and it doesn't.

Best strategy I've found is to spend no more than 1 or 2 resources on anything early and make sure all your resources are at or above 8 so you can play any 'school/recruit/sorceror' cards that come up. You're usually better off playing conjure or crush cards early than any kind of attack or brick cards.

Never spend magic on anything (except conjure/crushes) until you get a curse. A curse almost guarantees you a win. The only time you play a dragon is if you're close to losing or you can follow it up with a banshee immediately.
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Castlewars was fun. Now we need the MeFi league.
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there are hints aplenty on the googles...

Thanks, pupdog. Although I've googled walkthroughs for other games, it failed to occur to me for this one for some reason. I finished the original Bloons, and am stuck on the other one because I can't get the angle and velocity exactly perfectly right on one shot. Very frustrating.
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I dunno who I beat, but I beat somebody!

mefi, whoever you are!
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Luminaria is fun -- I think all games should have an "awesomeness" setting.
posted by Ogre Lawless at 3:22 PM on June 11, 2007

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