Digital Collection of the Etchings of Wenceslas Hollar
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Born in Bohemia, Wenceslas (Vaclav) Hollar (wikipedia; illustrated chronology of his life; essay on Hollar) was one of the leading etchers and illustrators of the middle 17th Century, working primarily in England and Belgium. The University of Toronto has placed almost his entire works online, including more than 4,000 images and some complete illustrated books. Some favorites: the man himself; simple, powerful Illustrations of Genesis; The Pack of Knaves; Elephants and Flowers; Shells; Fitting out a Hull; and Muffs (sfw). Most images are zoomable, and you can create marked lists and compare images side by side.
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Better link to a Pack of Knaves
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Legend holds that it was he that first uttered the phrase, "Would you like to come up to my apartment? I'll show you my etchings."
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(Oh, and he did some amazing work.... good post!)
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Legend also had it that he then added "If you'll let me, I'll etch your muff"
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Pay no attention to growabrain's eponysterical post... this is awesome. Thank you!
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Great post. Interesting work and context of article sets it nicely!
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Beautiful and well presented. Thank you very much for sharing.
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Good post thanks Rumple. I had seen the site before - but mostly in passing - and it's first rate on a number of levels, not least reason being Hollar's fantastic etchings. I love that they have multiple sizes PLUS a zoomify interface. The only quibbles with the site could be subjective asides really, because seriously, this is a model web exhibition and I can only hope that other online repository architects and editors take note how well put together this is. Well done Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library at U Toronto.
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