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AT&T Text to Spech put out by AT&T labs is interesting to play around with. Select your language and accent and then go wild. You can even translate if you select the right accent.
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this is like five years old.
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Our Amiga computer could do simple text-to-speech over 20 years ago. I wasn't expecting much progress, but it does sound like they're finally close to natural-sounding speech.
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Cool post. Thank you.

My mac from 1984 could do some pretty decent text to speech. It is amazing it has taken them this long to improve a bit.
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[this is old]
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Don't let the lawn guarders get you down this is wicked cool. Thanks tozturk.
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Double post.
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it has a spech impeedamint.
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Deleted thread sing-a-long!
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felix - lol <-- and i never, ever use that term.
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Actually, banished, the post you linked to was a triple post already. It was also posted on Sep 5 2001 and June 4 2001.

I am sad that felix's links don't work for me.
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I would recommend testing it with:
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It's really fun to make the female voices say dirty stuff.
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It's really fun to make the female voices say dirty stuff.

I like Audrey, the British lady.
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They all sound like they're reciting beat poetry.
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last time I saw this it didn't have the german/french/spanish voices. Pretty cool.
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How about the one where they typed in certain words to make the At&t bot speak with an accent! oh good times.
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blacklite... I was aware of the Sept. 5th post, which is why when I said double post I was being witty. There was double meaning there. I didn't catch the June 4th post though... but the fact that it is Lucent Technologies and not specifically AT@T gets me off on a technicality and leaves my wit intact I think.
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Endless puerile fun.
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Everybody to the limit!!!!
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Does anyone remember that online skit done in all-synthesized voices? Something about micromanagement and bosses, I seem to recall. Got a link?
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a triple double post? oh shit, doesn't that mean someone has to get castrated?

And this would be cooler if you could give it an RSS feed or large blocks of text to convert. Then blogs could be auto podcast.
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I'm sure the shears are heating up in a good strong flame already, fenriq.

(oh man, I just scared myself with that mental image.)
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I tried plugging in Bob Burn's 'Ode to a Haggis' with the male UK accent and was sorely, sorely, verily, & extremely, disappointed.
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Amigas, Macs, fooey.

I heard decent text to speech from a TI 99/4A in 1981/2. So neener.

Also, I was *the master* of Dungeons of Daggorath. a r a r a r a r a r a r a r
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I've never seen this before.. thanks, tozturk.
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See the Wikipedia article on Speech synthesis for information about how this works, and browse the external links for some more modern TTS engines that sound more natural than AT&T's "Natural Voices", which they haven't spent any development on since about 2001. Be sure to check out Rhetorical's rVoice, Speechworks' RealSpeak, and Nuance's Vocalizer. They all sound much better than AT&T Natural Voices.
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Anyone know of a tool like this that produces speech like that of Joshua in WarGames?
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Don't think of it as a Triple Double Post, just think of it as "A Classic MeFi Encore".
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So it's a double, triple, quadruple, etc. post. Who gives a rats ass? It's fun to screw around with if you haven't thought of it in ages.
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It's really fun to make the female voices say dirty stuff.

Especially in the middle of class back in 8th grade.
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