Deep Sea Fishing Photogalleries
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As a follow up to this post, photographer & Alaskan fisherman Corey Arnold has several amazing galleries up at his personal portfolio (and yay, it's not in Flash!). Favorite galleries include Bering Sea (1 & 2), Arctic-ness & Lofoten.
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Let's be straight: I love crab. Crabmeat may be the most delicious food in the world.

I still think those crab fishermen are fucking crazy.

Great photos; great post.
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chuckdarwin: Agreed. And I'm addicted to The Deadliest Catch on the Discovery Channel.

Time Bandit, woo!
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Corey Arnold is amazing. Don't forget to look at the photo-diary /discussion of his trip to Finnmark with the (also amazing) painter Rachell Sumpter.
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Would I be crazy if I said Bering sea crabbing looks like an awesome thing to do?
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[this is good]
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Thank you for posting this. In a way you have contributed to my being. I know think Corey Arnold is "my photographer."

My being 42 prohibits me from sea crabbing like this. And only as a 42 year old am I grateful; as a 24 year old, I am dismal for my disappointment for having been so busy with all my other adventuring as to have missed out on this type of work. I love hating, and I would hate this so much!

Oh well! Maybe if all goes as planned I will be young again one day. Best of web.
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Amazing photos! And yes I think they are fucking crazy.
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Awesome photos. What a strange world.
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