Insects. Made of paper.
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What would make origami cool? Insects, of course! Click "写真の一覧" for thumbnails.

The artists name might be Taketori, but I can't read kanji well enough to tell you.
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So, I just saw some more information about this guy's art the other day - he has his own web page, but I can't seem to find it now for the life of me.

It's realistic insect art, but it's not really origami, at least in a normal sense of the word; the heavy use of cutting puts it into a category that's closer to papercraft (or pepakura) than to origami. Still, it's a fascinating bit of paper art, regardless.

To see some realistic origami insects, made without any cutting from a square piece of paper, try the following links from Sipho Mabona and Brian Chan: That last one is a flying katydid, which I swear looks like it's a real live insect- down to all the creases and folds in the body.

I'm not sure why insects are such a popular subject? I prefer mammals myself...

Thanks for the paper art link, Citizen Premier!
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What do you mean "make origami cool?" Origami's fucking awesome!
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It would be even cooler if they were candy bar wrappers, too.
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Click the who what now?
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You know what would make insects cool? Origami, of course!
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yea. i definitely prefer the paper kind.
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An old friend of mine from Santa Cruz was really into folding origami insects... takes a lot of patience to fold those things. I can make a pretty sweet origami boulder, but that is about it.
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This is why I love MeFi.
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As featured on CBS Sunday Morning, Robert Lang is one of the best in America. See all types of creatures from insects to mythical animals, to plants, etc.
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For the more competitive side of origami check out The Japanese Tradition.
Be sure not to miss the match between the masters (about 2 min into the video).
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the 'japanese tradition' reminded me at times of 'silent library'. dunno.

i would like to learn how to make some origami bugs tho.
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Origami makes origami cool.
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