Viktor Tsoi and KINO
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Soviet rock hero Viktor Tsoy kept his job in the boiler room of an apartment complex even as his band KINO grew wildly popular in the last years of the Soviet Union. At the height of the band's fame, he even made a few film appearances. He died in a car accident in 1990, but a tape of recordings survived the crash and became the "black album." Fans still leave messages for him on the "wall of Tsoy" on Arbat street.
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Kino distributed their music freely, so here are some mp3s. Go easy, or all the non-Russian IPs will inevitably get banned.
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Great post. It is difficult to do justice to Tsoi's influence on Russian youth culture. Think Bob Dylan, James Dean, and Joe Strummer rolled into one.
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New rock mythos and cool band discovery all in one convenient package - thanks!
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It's a weakness of that they are totally unable to distinguish two bands with the same name. I only know of the Russian band Kino because of the English band.
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wow. cool post...
resonates for me in totally personal (perhaps narcissistic) way - i was born in 1962, like Tsoi. my birthday is coming up in a few days, i'll be turning 45 and i've been surfing around looking for anything related to the number, especially anything music-related, because of the 45rpm connection. i also work in a movie theater, so Kino has meaning, too. i'm only gonna download the 45 album from that mp3 site (tried to find it on emusic, but they don't offer it). i love how the site says "temporary busy" when i've hit the download max. anyway thank you for the groovy birthday present!
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Thanks for the post. I knew the name but not much else.
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Thanks. I noticed that wall before I knew enough Russian to understand the significance of it.
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Tsoy lives!
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Pachka sigaret (Pack of Cigarettes)
V nashikh glazakh (In Our Eyes)
Pechal' (Sadness)
Spokojnaja noch' (Good Night)
Zakroj za mnoj dver', ja ukhozhu (Close the Door Behind Me, I'm Leaving)
Videli noch' (Saw the Night)
Poprobuj spet' vmeste so mnoj (Try to Sing with Me)
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Nice post. I had no idea of Tsoi and his music. Nor was I aware of their cultural impact in Russia.
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I found a Kino cd on the sidewalk on Capitol Hill in Seattle. It was ridiculously scratched but played flawlessly, and ever since I have loved Kino and turned them on to several of my friends.
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Glad you liked the post - I was hoping someone would do a Tsoy FPP, but was afraid I wouldn't do the man justice if I posted one myself.

Also, parudox, thanks for linking to those songs - so many great KINO songs I wanted to share, but I wasn't sure how to incorporate them all into an FPP. I really wish there was some Youtube of Music that we could use for posts like this, since the audio quality of Youtube videos isn't the greatest, and most of them are of live performances...

Цой не умер, он просто вышел покурить.
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Also, while we're still at it:

Aljuminevye Ogurtsy




Kogda tvoja devushka bolna

Sorry about the awful sound quality...
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Едет в поезде Борис Гребенщиков. Рядом чукча.
Гребенчщиков спрашивает: кто такой, куда едешь?
Чукча достает гитару и говорит: В Москву еду, хочу рок-группу собрать. Правда, не знаю как назвать...
Гребенщиков: Чукча?!! С гитарой?! КИНО!
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Flagged as Chukchist!
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