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You have been invited to the 2008 Presidential Inaugural Ball by The Light Party: a wholistic, proactive, educational, empowerment party is a synthesis of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green Parties. This cosmic Artainment of music and light should not be missed!
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yeah I got some light... it comes out my ass too.
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We have formulated a practical, synergistic 7-point program which addresses and serves to resolve our current socio-economic and ecological challenges...

I have created 4 corner Time
Cube, wherein 4 corner Earth
quadrants rotate simultaneously
to create 4 corner Days within a
single rotation of 4 corner Earth.
I am wiser than a 1 Day God,
for 1 Day lie dooms humanity.

My God, its full of stars!
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needs "holistic" tag.
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That wasn't as Artaining as I was hoping for.
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One of my first design jobs 11 years ago was working with this guy, creating ads for his global peace center for Common Ground magazine. I hated those ads, our yippe clients and any company had Mill Valley as a business address.
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