Has anyone else seen this product advertised on TV lately
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Has anyone else seen this product advertised on TV lately and thought they were watching a fake SNL ad? Then comes that sinking feeling when you realize that it is real. It just started running on TV here in Virginia. Perhaps our median IQ finally reached a suitable level. Don't even get me started on the domain name!
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No, but I've seen another in that category.

It starts out with two women sitting on a couch. One is crying and the other is consoling her. I really have no clue what it was about, but the "acting" was terrible. The real problem was that it actually came on as I was watching SNL...
posted by whatnotever at 7:41 PM on April 1, 2001

Maybe they thought the domain name would put them at the top of the 'gag gifts' listings in the Internet Yellow Pages. Along the lines of AAAAAA APPLIANCE REPAIR.

A bit unwieldy for use on TV, though.
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Yeah, I was going to post about this but couldn't find a link. I guess they finally got a site up. The whole thing is beyond ridiculous.
Though this still does not beat the Billie Mayes's Oxiclean ads, as far as annoyance goes. 'This is Billie Mayes, for oxi-clean, the dirt fighting element...' and so on. ARGH!
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Jeez, these guys make some classy crap.
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webstakes.com had some pretty horrible commercials that came on during the Conan O'Brien times and I thought they were spoofs, but there weren't.
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Anyone recall an SNL ad in the 1970s for a shaver with three blades? The first blade gripped the hair, the second one cut it -- and the third, new one just plain ripped the thing the hell out of your face. (John Belushi then rubbed his hand over his cheek and looked awed.)

The three-blade razor is now widely sold in stores throughout America.
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They recently redid that Razor skit with the "Mach 21" or something to that effect. It was I believe Will Ferrell (sp?) and the first blade cut the hair, second cut closer, third removed a layer of skin and then it repeated the process 7 times or something. It was pretty good.
Sad to see SNL Predicting the future!
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My brother gave me one of these for Christmas as a gag gift. I just started speaking to him again.
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My memory of the SNL shaver ad is different. At that time, the double bladed razors said that the first blade pulled the hair so that the second blade could cut it closer.

The three blade razor: the first blade pulls the hair, the second blade pulls the hair farther out, and the third blade misses it entirely.
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