Yet more B&W NYC (and Paris) photos for your enjoyment.
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Louis Stettner: Atmospheric black and white photos of Paris and New York by Brooklyn-born photographer who now lives in France. Some are sexy, some amusing, some poignant. A series on Penn station in the 1950s is especially nice, and a big contrast to the candy colored Mad Men palette. Beware mispelled main url. via.
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The main URL isn't misspelled, exactly -- it just calls him "Lou."
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Sorry, I saw the s and thought it was the end of his first name, not the start of his last. Am moron.
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Amazing photographs. Those (and pretty much any) photos of the old Penn Station just break my heart!
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Great post, and I love the Penn Station shots too—wish I hadn't come to NYC too late to experience the place.

*ritually curses those who tear down great buildings*
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Wow. Great post.
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F'king fantastic images. Thank you so much.
I find this sad face oddly poignant.
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Oh, MAN, this one's great too: Texans on Fifth Avenue, 1975.
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