BONUS: The Game is Really Fun to Play!
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Iron Grip: The Oppression is a multiplayer total conversion mod for Half Life 2 that blends real time strategy and first person shooter elements along the lines of Natural Selection. One player takes control of “The Oppression,” playing the game primarily in a top down view, building and then issuing orders to AI units such as the stormtrooper-like Grenadiers, and tanks. Every other player on the server forms “The Resistance,” taking on, with a traditional FPS play style, the persona of one of ten freedom fighters and vying with the RTS controlled units for map control.

The game is currently in beta, but fully playable.[Download] Make sure to grab the patch on the same page.

The world has a wealth of back story including geopolitical backgrounds, character bios, and weapon descriptions. There is also a wiki.
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Playing as “The Resistance” is a challenge because you are greatly surpassed in both firepower and numbers. Playing as “The Oppression” is a challenge because it is so hard to find good help these days. The game invokes feelings of dread on the part of the freedom fighters, because the storm troopers never stop coming for your land. You begin to develop a sense of ownership for the piles of rubble you are fighting over and hate the oppressive invading force for killing your family and friends. And for having tanks.

The RTS player cannot see into buildings, so primarily moves about in the streets. As a Resistance, it is fun to set up ambushes out of the second level of buildings on armored columns moving through the city.

Press 5 for map.
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Hm. Playing DM for an FPS, essentially. Sign me the fuck up?

I kinda wish I knew other people with PCs, now.
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BONUS: The Game is Really Fun to Play!

I notice you didn't say that any of the other full conversions are really fun to play.
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I've had this download code foe Half-Life two sitting around for almost 3 years and never used it, but this may get me to download it!
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I'm not sure I've ever wished more that I had a true broadband 'net connection as opposed to a latency-tastic satellite connection, and that includes when I hit the latency imposed ceiling in WoW that stopped me from being an effective raider and PvPer. This sounds like it's so much fun I'm going to implode.
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Join the MeFi Steam group.

Minor derail: is everyone still on for Saturday 2 PM EST's Team Fortress 2?
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shakespherian: you never touch the other elves like that.
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Soooo it's kinda like America's Army..?
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infinitewindow: joined.

I don't normally schedule gaming, but if I happen to remember, I'll be there.
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Game balance would be my biggest concern on this.
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As a beta, the balance is still kinda wonky (how many rpgs kill a cannon tank again??? How fast do the rebels cap???) but the fun is defiant of any game issues.

Lag is a big concern because killed tanks stay in the game world a bit too long, so aside from being able to build a fort outta burned out tanks, they often block pathways and do other annoying things. There is one really well balanced map, but most favor the rebels. The one that favors the oppression is a big open snow field, and that’s where hit and run just doesn’t work vs. combined arms doctrines.

Still a blast though.
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"Along the lines of Natural Selection." You could attach that phrase to ANYTHING and I'd be on board. That mod was the best internet game ever until they broke it.
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