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December 23, 2007 2:00 PM   Subscribe is a Russian site worth exploring with some pretty awesome, eclectic galleries (some nsfw). Naoto Hattori, 134 paintings of surrealistic Mona Lisas transformed and more l Child Soldiers Dream Simply of Being Children ads for Amnesty International/photographs by Michael Lewis l Christian Lohfink's playfully mischievous and dark humor photographs l Elliott Erwitt's superb black and white photographs, many iconic l

Some lovely Russia in the snow photographs by Mikhail Tkachev.

Innovative advertising images by Paolo Franco.

Photographs of naked dancers by Bryon Paul Mccartney

Sexy surreal paintings by Roland Hayder
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The Erwitt gallery is superb.
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Wow. Kids kicking around a skull like a soccer ball during a campaign to spread awareness of child solders. No other response, just wow...
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Сайт говно!!!
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I'm always grateful for a new site of illustrators, and this one is loaded! On first pass thru I'm digging the the slightly twisted work of Chris Buzelli.
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Круто! Thanks for a great post.
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oh man, Slack-a-gogo, that Chris Buzelli collection is marvelous! Thanks. Oh YAY happy visual feast.
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ps lh, пожалуйста. But what's Круто? The Russian English online translation said it means "abruptly".
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pps lh пожалуйста is meant to say you're welcome. Who knows what that online translation cooked up though, lol
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Some amazing stuff in these. The "Sexy surreal paintings" are the least interesting, though; they don't seem to fit in at all.
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An excellent post. Great site.
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Mostly unrelated, but anyone use Safari and notice that those images randomly don't load? Firefox it takes a while and hangs in loading, but all the images show up, and camino loads them all superfast. Big pages with lots of images weighing lots of megabytes probably makes for a good browser test. I've noticed the same thing with what based on site design appears to be a sister site, 2photo.
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I'm also quite taken with the Mark Rydenesque work of Kathie Olivas, Kreativnaja Reklama's bizzarly captivating pieces, and the totally fucked up creatures of Travis A Louie that remind me for some reason of Tim Burton.
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It's hard to tell since I don't read Russian, but this site doesn't exactly smack of legitimacy. I'm sure all of these galleries are much more powerful in the context of their own sites (Erwitt and Lohfink for example) and not hijacked by some random Russian "art blog."
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TheGoldenOne, the artists' names are given and when possible their websites' or blogs' urls also listed with the images.

What I like about this art blog is that it has none of the fussiness of artists' sites. It just puts the images right there, easy to see and scroll through, no complicated clicking, no slide show that I cannot control, no clicking on one image, waiting for it to slooowly load, closing the window, then going through that aggravatingly tedious process over and over, no flash or flashiness, squinting at thumbnails or mischievously sliding thumbnails, just a simple, direct, straightforward page of images.

I like my art straight up. Show me the damn art without all the futzing around.

On this site I can take my time and stare at any image as long or short as I want and nice big versions of the images. Then, if I want, I can go to the artist's url listed and check out their site (more often than not a major headache, hunting and pecking).

I'm glad artists have websites but they are so often really frustrating that gallery aggregators like this one make it more likely I'll see an artist's work and then get to know more on my own.
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I was first introduced to Hattori's work through this album, which features this painting. That's an impressive gallery, though I think the one at his own site is a bit more complete with better detail. But, as you say, not all laid out like that. Thanks for the links.
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Kruto (well, Крутой)= tough, cool. I'm more with the говно.
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But what's Круто? The Russian English online translation said it means "abruptly"

Like gkw says, it's slang for 'cool.' (If you look up cool in an online translator, it will give the equivalent of 'sort of cold.' Mechanical translators aren't good for slang.)

I like my art straight up. Show me the damn art without all the futzing around.

I heartily agree.
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