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James Jean shows how he creates the painted cover for Fables. His blog is full of gorgeous figure studies and sketches that show influences from Lucian Freud and pop/manga design. His eponymous site also includes a broad cross-section of his works: Dive, Tigerlily, and his great recess series.
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I had never heard of fables. must... read.
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"I had never heard of fables. must... read."

It's REALLY good, and most of the used places seem to have the collections cheap. I think that parents mistakenly buy it for kids, and then it gets dumped pretty fast.
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Gorgeous, magical, dreamlike work. Thank you klangklangston!
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Very nice!
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I think that parents mistakenly buy it for kids, and then it gets dumped pretty fast.

Yeah, that would be a pretty easy mistake to identify. "Mom, why is Goldilocks spouting strange feminist anthems? Why did they kill that cuwtsie animal?"
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I have never gotten into graphic novels. Recently, I picked the first volume of Fables up at a friend's house and read the whole thing in one sitting. I now finally understand why people are fans.
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Fables is the only comic currently published that I bother reading. The author is a republitard but his antiquated moral positions work well coming from dark age characters placed in a modern context.

If only Warren Ellis would get back to Desolation Jones, then I'd have two comics worth reading every month... grumble.
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Fantastic artwork. I've never read any Fables stuff or heard of JJ before this (probably not my style of writing), but his talent is unquestionable.
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I recently discovered him after buying an issue of Theme magazine, and I wish I had money to spare to buy a bunch of paintings.

Sadly, in that same article it is revealed that James Jean may have glaucoma -- confirmation will only come after another eye exam, which was to take place 6 months after the interview.
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Oh cool, I've been reading Fables for a while now, but hadn't known that James Jean had a blog. He's a great artist, I just wish the writing lived up to the cover art. (see: the absolutely ridiculous treatment of the political complexities in the Animal Farm arc.)
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Cool, thanks! I love Fables. It's the only ongoing series I buy, except for The Walking Dead. I didn't know JJ had a blog. /off to peruse
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I started reading Fables simply to get a new image by James Jean every month.

Fables itself is a little weak at the get-go but what it has evolved into is really terrific.
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Yeah, I remember thinking that the author, Bill Willingham, was a dick when I was in high school, although I can't remember now why I thought that. Probably because he couldn't get new issues of Elementals out as fast as I wanted. I guess that from his writing, I always felt that I would hate him if I met him in real life.

James Jean on the other hand, has always struck me as a great guy, and his illustrations are always top-class. Good enough for me to give up my dreams of becoming an illustrator...
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