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Landscape Urbanism Bullshit Generator. Now you can join in when the rest of the architecture grad students go to the roof to smoke a joint/apply for grant money.
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Many years ago, during the dot com days of yore, I had to keep my project status page on the cobbled-together company intranet. After a few weeks, I realized that no one ever looked at it, so I wrote a perl script that generated nine or ten random bullet points, each peppered with project acronyms, verbs and initials. Shift-reload got you a new page of bullets. No one, as far as I can tell, ever noticed. It was hilarious and a little sad.
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Someone should do a film theory bullshit generator, I recognized alot of the same words.
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Step 1 made me laugh the most.
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The thing is, the generated bullshit all makes perfect sense to me. Nooooooooooo!
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Is this something I'd need an architecture to understand?
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Its funny, but when I was in grad school in Boston, you could always tell who were the Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD) kids. But it was by their obsessively perfect haircuts and the little glasses, not because of the language - everyone spoke like that.
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In the context of a primordial system , regardless of further ramifications, there is an implict sensation of explicit happines in pretending there is a further meaning into a period that actually never ends.

Or not.
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"rectify vegetal fields"

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I believe I'm going to start replacing the "Submit Query" buttons throughout our website with "make bullshit" buttons -- far more succinct.

Someone go make sure Neilsen is in the loop...
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"optimize rogue experiences"

Okay. That I can get behind.
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Where's Adam Greenfield?
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That's all bullshit? All this time, I had been assuming that they were veiled threats leveled at me.

I'll strategize YOUR generative furrows, motherfucker!
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What ninjew said....

The bullshit generator used by many a project manager/business analist (hehe, remember them) in the dotcom days was...
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analist = analyst
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No, you had it right the first time.
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Is there an API Key I can get to use this in my new app that will be the only place on the web for bifurcated user meshworks?
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Where can I get a Mitt Romney Markov generator?

Also, does he come with firmware updates?
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analyst = nihilist (at least where I work)

This has been duly (Duly!) forwarded to all ex-architecture students and currently practicing architects I know.

Back when I was teaching graphic design in an interior design department, I remember one of the profs mentioning a study which indicated the only significant difference between the abilities of architecture students and other types of high-performing students was the presence of a huge ego (I'm paraphrasing)

I'm not sure if she was being snarky or not...but it's an assumption that has not let me down so far.
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Seriously, the first time I read about Mitt's personalized voicemail generator I thought, "OMG, they've attached his voice software to the internet! Brilliant!" and I really wanted to hook it up to the MeFi Markov generator, so I could make Mitt Romney speak like cortex.

Unfortunately, this looks like the crippleware version, not the full version that's installed in the actual candidate. I'm sure someone will figure out a way to hack him soon, though.
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I remember an MBA phrase generator from the 90s. I actually used it a couple of times. Yikes.
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Design undergrads also go to the roof to smoke a joint/apply for any kind of money.

Lacking big boobs, the only way I could get perfect grades in design school without actually doing any work was to do this by hand at the end of every semester. If I had been sober enough to access my coding skills, 3 days of work in first semester would have gotten me honors.
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