Shatner! The man! The myth! The legend!
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Shatner! The man! The myth! The legend! He once told actor Kevin Pollak, who does the definitive Capt. Kirk impersonation: "At 'Star Trek' conventions, I do you doing me and it kills!"
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I always saw him as Captain Byers in Judgment at Nuremberg. Good overall flick. Oooo... remember Corman's Intruder? Didn't find him too good as Alexei in Brothers Karamazov. I have no idea why the man's so popular.
posted by tiaka at 6:04 AM on April 10, 2001

Everyone's heard the solo album, but have you heard him on Ben Fold's solo album, Fear of Pop? It's excellent, listen to him dump a girlfriend, with Ben caterwauling in the background.
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You have to give the guy credit for completely recognizing exactly what is going on and making the best of it anyway. A lot of celebs have a hard time separating themselves from their personae. Robert Goulet is another cheesy guy from the '60s who seems to have no problem with letting people appropriate his persona for their own amusement. Maybe it helps if you were a cheeseball in the first place.
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Favorite line from the article:
First big TV gig is a part in a 1963 "Twilight Zone," in which he is the only passenger on an airplane to see a gremlin on the wing. Shatner eats up the role, appearing to invent the Seizure Method of acting.

Fear of Pop is such a fun album. I hope Folds decides to record a sequel.
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Shatner rules. I can only hope that I'll have that kind of energy, staying power, and ability to work/laugh/play when I'm pushing 70 - hairpiece or not.
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I don't know from Kevin Pollak's Shatner. That Berg guy of Two Guys and a Girl has a decent one that they've had him do a few times on the show. But Tim Allen in GalaxyQuest did the best Shatner of all, capturing the essence of the man, irony, self-parody, and all.

I see here he lays claim to developing the famous Shatner epilectic style. But I'd always heard that he took acting classes at a Montreal theater school run by a couple of ancient French ladies, and that's where it came from ...
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In the past decade or so, Shatner has somehow gone from being perceived as a joke of a washed-up actor to being perceived as post-ironically hip. Neither perception, of course, likely captures the fullness of Shatner. Still, that's a hell of a PR coup.
posted by kindall at 11:10 PM on April 10, 2001

Doesn't everyone do Pollak doing Shatner?
posted by briank at 8:15 AM on April 11, 2001

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