YouTube War
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"I am a master impressionest and I will not dignify that with a response..." Continuing in the vein of posting links to UCB Performers videos. YouTube War is produced and stars Chris Gethard along with Zach Woods. Also created a whole bunch of other shorts, "The Worlds Most Akward Boy": Rides an Elevator, Goes to the Deli, Enjoys a Hot Tub, and many more.
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That awkward boy has gorgeous geek chic all wrapped up.
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These are good. One thing I miss about living near New York is going to the UCB Theater from time to time.

Also, I taught calculus to the young woman in "Rides an Elevator."
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Ha, funny stuff... Chris was my neighbor and partner-in-crime during my freshman year in college. When a cousin of mine from abroad was visiting Rutgers to see if he wanted to attend university there, Chris and I took him to there Rt. 18 flea market, aka "the dirt mall", purchased a variety of weapons (e.g. blowgun, slingshot, crossbow), menaced students with them from my dorm window and fired crossbow bolts over the Raritan River. My cousin decided to stay in Australia. In another instance, I drove him to Princeton University to threaten the life of a young man who had warned him off of instant messenger.

Anyhow, his blog has also been pretty entertaining lately.
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Ok, that Goes to the Deli link from the OP has no right being that funny.
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Whoa whoa whoa exit, I was on Campbell 1 as well. Small world :) I roomed with Uki Kristina and we were Chris' aka Sherriff's neighbor next door (to the left if you were facing the Raritan).
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spec80: No kidding, that sort of brightens my day. In any case, I was the tall kid who lived across the hall from Sheriff and The Bear.
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.... Andy the really tall good looking half asian guy that all the girls were "omg he's so cute giggle giggle" but I think you were oblivious to it or forcibly ignoring it?

This is Cheryl. I was the girl who holed myself up in my room to play Jedi Knight II for days on end sometimes in the dark and people would be surprised that I didn't go home for the weekend because I didn't come out because I was lightsaber dueling all the time. All. The. Time.
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OK, this one is actually pretty funny.
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Yup, that's me, quite a bunch of characters we were.
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I'm sorry, I think I'm in the wrong dorm room here.
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