Vintage photography from China and Australia
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Two historic photography collections from Sydney's Powerhouse Museum: The Tyrell Collection - glass plate negatives from the Sydney studios of Charles Kerry and Henry King from 1884-1917 depicting a local record of the times; and the Hedda Morrison Collection - photographs from China, 1933-1946. The collection also includes personal papers and objects, such as Chinese papercuts, belt toggles, and photos from a 1930s-era folk festival in Germany.
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The Powerhouse museum has all sorts of cool things. They have a fantastically massive Watt Steam Engine; the oldest rotative engine in the world, built in 1785. It's in working condition now, they fire it up regularly. They have a fine collection of different operating steam engines, actually.

And when I was there they had on loan William Stanley Jevons' Logic Piano, an 1869 mechanical calculator for simple inferential logic. Early computing!
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This is fantastic stuff. Thank you!
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Description: Dress accessory, toggle in the shape of two young boys playing :)

Thank you for this, very nice!
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More glass plate negative than glass plate negative.

(That Lotus and crane papercut is going right onto my desktop background)
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