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Horror movie or pasta sauce commercials? (The company web site is a little odd, too.) [via]
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Pepsi Red.
posted by Dizzy at 9:03 AM on April 17, 2008

Holy cow. I saw a flash animation parodying these commercials a year or so ago. Of course, I didn't know it was a parody at the time. Nice to finally have some perspective on that.
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Wow. I would buy this product already. Only problem is there does not appear to be any actual sauce on the pasta in the ads. Is that part of the charm, or is this some kind of thin, oil-based sauce that doesn't show up on YouTube-quality videos?
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That song just laid eggs in my brain. Here's the longer version.

Be warned.
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Well, you can just rock me to sleep tonight.
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Wow, great ad campaign! Love these things.

The art direction/photography looks like it's either done by Loretta Lux, or a bif fan of hers.
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BIG fan! oops.
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To be fair, they have to make the pasta dolls pretty creepy or risk being upstaged by that blonde girl(?) building a sandcastle.
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Kewpie mayo is the shiznit. if you have an asian grocery near you grab one of the unnaturally soft bottles and give it a whirl. makes Hellman's taste like worthless shit.
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Tarako is fish eggs (cod, I think). It's red, has the consistency of a paste, and when sold it's usually the same shape as the invaders with baby faces and hats the dancing girls are wearing. To make tarako pasta you either mix straight tarako with pasta (this is what I do at home) or you mix tarako with mayonnaise. There are also tarako sauce mixes, like the one being advertised, where the mix is a powder, presumably consisting of actual tarako.
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This is the only thing to have made sense to me in the past few weeks. Thank you for this burst of clarity.
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Flash 1.

Flash 2.

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Pasta sauce or not, I am not eating anything that still has eyes.
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