You too can play with fire.
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Plans for a Simple Atmospheric Gas Forge that can be constructed using mundane tools. Zoeller forge is also a parts source for speciality items you may not be able to source locally.
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I've a hot water heater tank that I'd like to use for something... perhaps a forge is the answer.
posted by five fresh fish at 7:08 PM on May 23, 2008

Looks like a Gingery furnace tipped over. Except he's got a Durablanket instead of fire clay. If that works (and "temperature reading inside the forge was 2120ºF" says yes) then daveDAMMIT, I'm frustrated and impressed.
posted by DU at 7:09 PM on May 23, 2008

Uh, that's Gingery furnace. And I'd be frustrated because I've triied to build that damn thing more than once and, while it has worked, it's never worked well. I suck at making stuff.
posted by DU at 7:13 PM on May 23, 2008

He built a forge out of a pail and some firebricks? Rock the fuck on, that's awesome.
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Or you could buy a Dual Burner with Single Burner Control (model 50000) for $775.00. That is sweet! Great post.
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That's nothing, I once built a forge using only the flames of desire encased in the furnace of affliction. I used it to roast marshmallows.
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The coffee-can forges, (google search), look fun.

The most expensive part is the $40 propane torch to heat it. I think I may pick up some old screwdrivers at the neighborhood-wide garage sale tomorrow. (Old screwdrivers apparently are easy to turn into gouges and chisels).
posted by sebastienbailard at 8:16 PM on May 23, 2008

Is it ok find it fascinating that anyone cares about this? It's interesting, but I am not sure why.
posted by BrooklynCouch at 8:23 PM on May 23, 2008

BrooklynCouch writes "It's interesting, but I am not sure why."

It's fire man, FIRE. And not just any old fire, but a flame that can melt aluminum and turn iron into a red hot limp noodle.
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So, at the risk of sounding ignorant, what would one make with this?
posted by lekvar at 11:21 PM on May 23, 2008

One would make many fine things.
posted by Mark Doner at 11:37 PM on May 23, 2008

The coffee-can forge can also be used to make a mean looking knife out of the chain from your old Vincent Black Shadow.
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So this is for forging wrought iron? Pretty cool.
I ask 'cause I've seen silver smithing, steel works, copper and bronze foundries, and glass furnaces but I've no idea how iron is manipulated.
posted by lekvar at 1:11 AM on May 24, 2008

Aluminum melts at around 1200°F, so you can also cast things.
posted by DU at 3:14 AM on May 24, 2008

If anyone actually wants to make one of these at some point, or something like it, you may find this construction log handy. It's for a forge made out of an old propane tank, rather than a coffee can or a pail, but it's pretty much the exact same thing.
posted by Super Hans at 6:08 AM on May 24, 2008

This is for forging wrought iron or steel, lekvar.
posted by sebastienbailard at 6:13 AM on May 24, 2008

Iron and steel work pretty much the same Lekvar, but those two words have a lot of overlapping meanings.

Wrought iron pretty much ceased being make 100 years or so ago and is only available in salvage today (or if you happen to know a bunch of people all willing to devote a week of vacation to making some new wrought iron).

Mild steel is what 95% of the steel you encounter today is. It's a lot like wrought iron except that it contains a fraction of a percent of carbon but doesn't have the iron/slag microstructure that gives wrought iron some of its properties.

The remaining 5% is various kinds or hardenable tool steels with a wide variety of properties (and prices).

Some day I need to get off my ass and finish my Sandia recuperative forge.
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