Angola, it's not like they said
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Fascinating account (w/ pix) of a motorcycle journey through Angola. Stumbled onto this from the Black Flag forums and have not been able to stop reading it.
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Great anecdotes and pictures... reminds me of this trip someone took through Chernobyl
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There should probably be a NSFW tag on that. It's a cool story but there's a definite "white guys going to Africa to check out native titties" vibe to those pics.
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ADVrider has hundreds of amazing threads with photos of motocyclists exploring the world. It's an amazing resource for motorcyclists who enjoy long distance riding.
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yeah the native titties theme was a little odd for me, too. but really an interesting story about a place you really don't hear a lot about.
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Excellent post.
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The "Chernobyl Motorcycle Ride" has been known to be a fake for over four years. She took a standard Chernobyl bus tour wearing a motorcycle jacket and carrying a motorcycle helmet. The organization that maintains the "zone of exclusion" that encompasses the site is quite displeased with her dangerous self-promotion, especially after she lashed out at them for exposing her.

Some Starters

The Original Expose

In the last several years she's edited out some of the more outrageously staged pictures, but her site still *strongly* hints that she traveled through the exclusion zone on a motorcycle, which she did not do.
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great post.
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Wow. Incredible.

Regarding the titties thing... I think some may be overstating it a bit. These are obviously worldly men, most former military, who are also men of some means, being able to afford trips such as this.

I feel safe to say they've seen BOOBIES! before.

I think what you're witnessing is the novelty of it, not outright sexualization.
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Four of the five of us had done military service in Angola at some or other stage. Now we are here to holiday. It may be a problem for some.

That does not include José though. He sees us as bikers, friends. He clearly has put some work into putting things in perspective.

I don't really know how to explain all this and I don't even know if it should be dwelt on here. I will say only this.

José was wounded by a battallion I served in.
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"white guys going to Africa to check out native titties" vibe to those pics.

Actually those guys live in (and served in the military of) South Africa.

From the pictures later on I would gather that they weren't particularly into titties, but had a thing for cute women instead.
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Seconding Ynoxas, I didn't pick that vibe up at all. I suppose if all you did was scan the photos you might pick that up, but whatever.

Thanks for the link, fascinating trip.
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Fantastically compulsive reading. And the combination of worldliness, toughness and sensitivity in the voice was pretty disarming.
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Wow I just wasted a good hour reading the whole story. I was amazed at how close they rode to the ocean and dunes. Also I wonder what it must have been like just riding with seeing just desert in front of you and and back of you for miles.

Putting fuel in the boxed wine bags seemed like a good idea too. Nothing that I would have thought of.
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So... this is what an adventure is.

I damn well better do something like this before I cash out.
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Excellent post. Thanks for this.
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There should probably be a NSFW tag on that. It's a cool story but there's a definite "white guys going to Africa to check out native titties" vibe to those pics.

Wow, you work in the Vatican or something.
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Excellent post! I stayed up way too late and woke up way too early to read it.

George_Spiggott said "And the combination of worldliness, toughness and sensitivity in the voice was pretty disarming."

Perfectly said. This was written so much better than any travel-magazine piece ever could be. And it's refreshing to hear a non-American voice and perspective online.

And the copious photos -- which obviously slowed down the trip -- were fantastic. I know sometimes it's just a pain to pull out the camera and stop what you're doing, so I appreciate these all the more.
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There should probably be a NSFW tag on that. It's a cool story but there's a definite "white guys going to Africa to check out native titties" vibe to those pics.

The word 'vibe' is Not Safe For Texans.
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Great stuff! Thanks.
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Good Stuff. This, for me is what the internet is all about. Best of the web indeed Sir.
I doubt if anybody else would publish a story about 5 good ole beer drinking ex SA military motor cycle freaks taking on the vast emptiness of S. Angola. Good Pics, Good Story. Good Post. Six days and seeing only one motor vehicle - that is indeed out in the wilds. It was also poignant that they became such good buddies with Jose; and that the writer, who is not a literary man gets to grips with part of his past.
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If you go to the forum home, and do a sort (down at the bottom) by "number of views," you will see the ride reports that have attracted the most attention over the years. This link might work. Some are deadly dull, but others have vivid writing, wonderful photos, and amazing connections with places you would otherwise probably not see. This one has spawned a book or two, a TV show, and more, for example; the other trip reports by the author of the Angola one linked above are also worth reading (linked here).

Like any other genre of writing, trip reports are written both by people with great sensitivity and nuance to the self/other dilemma of travel in the modern world, and by those completely lacking insight and self-reflexivity. The Angola one was a gem precisely because the people on the trip captured some of their process of rethinking their relationship with Angola, on top of traveling through some astounding places. Other ride reports are worse than the usual tourist article in your local paper. You read the good ones, and skip the bad ones, just as with everything.
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Good lord that was great. Took me most of an hour to read, every minute well spent. What an incredible set of photos, what a great writer. My heart was in my throat when reading the whole section on the doodsakker.

I got curious about some of the places they went, here's some maps links:

Foz do Cunene, truly middle of fucking nowhere.
Tombua, end of the doodsakker.
Namibe, beach resort.

I couldn't find Monte Negro.
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This is so inspiring! I watched The Long Way Round recently, which made me want to hop on the bike and go, but this forum post is even better. No chase vehicles, no TV crew, just a bunch of buddys and a long way to go. To cool.

Thanks for the post!
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God damn that was good. Thanks, jcru.
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I was holding my breath all through the section where he describes having to ride right at the water's edge, ocean on one side and dunes on the other. "If you get stuck here, you get fucked here". Yeah. Jesus.

Thanks for an awesome post!
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I read this all in one sitting last night, compulsive clicking each next link.

I know it seems somewhat naive or passe or some other french sounding term to say this, but that story really moved me, and further affected me.

I was startled at some of the photographs. I don't know if I am more amazed that places such as that exist, or that people actually live there. I mean, traveling through was an epic ordeal for them, and for the people they met, they live there every day.

I would give a lot of money to have a picture of me with an Angolan national with his arm draped over my shoulder, smiling for a picture he will never see.

When he looked over the dunes by the water, to see what the interior looked like, it looked exactly what I think an alien planet might look like. Truly, if the Mars rovers were to land in the Angolan desert a kilometer away from where that picture were taken, I'm not sure the results would be all that different. The satellites can't see the small encampments they visited. As far as vision will allow, it appears to be nothingness in every direction. I think aliens who sent a probe to the Angolan desert would likely surmise we didn't exist, either. (I'm abstracting a bit, but surely you follow my point. It's fucking remote.)

The guy driving the Range Rover solo was interesting, and I wish the writer had elaborated more on him. That would be truly challenging... since noone would even know you were missing, and there would surely be no hope of anyone coming to rescue you given an accident or illness. I'm reminded time and time again that some people are made of much stronger mettle than I.

The fact that there were so many opportunities for stuff to go profoundly wrong, but nothing did, save the fractured ankle. One corrupt policeman could have literally erased them from existence.

I'm a motorcyclist and I would really enjoy doing something like this, but perhaps only 1/2 as demanding/dangerous. Better make that 1/4. There are organized bike tours through China and India and so forth that I think could give you the cultural insight and still have the availability of medical care if needed.

Again, simply amazing post.
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I enjoyed that, thanks a lot for posting.

Did not enjoy the NSFW tit comments in this thread. To be expected though I guess
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Hopefully I don't put out a "white guy reading stupendously great web account of trip to Angola to check out native titties" vibe when I say that wow, Angola has some gorgeous women.
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'Fascinating account' indeed. This is what MeFi contributors do best: discover people and accounts that amaze and entertain us without breaking our ankles. Great writing, great photos. Thanks for sharing this, jcruelty. That was a wonderful hour or two.
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I spent most of the day, in between chores and chauffeur duty, reading this and it just blew my mind. I felt awful for Fred, and really respectful of the people of Angola. Great FPP.
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What a story! Fantastic post; kudos to the poster and the author alike.
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Great story and great photos! Thanks for posting this.

Sadly, I could sense the betrayal he felt from his KTM. Those suckers are supposed to be "race ready" from the factory.

Regarding the "boobies" comments: Those guys seemed to show a very deep respect and appreciation for all of the people that they met along the way. That was really inspiring, actually.
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Black Flag forums? Where?
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Fantastic pictures, great writing, really enjoyed reading this!
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Thank you for posting that, much enjoyed. Very interesting to get a view of a completely different part of the world.
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absolutely fantastic. thanks for posting this.
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I should have linked to some other photo essays on in my earlier comment. Here are a few others I've enjoyed:

Indian Himalaya by 6 Africa Twin and 1 old good BMW GS...

Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan, Pamir Highway, afghan border etc...

Hidden Himalayas - Spiti Valley and Chandertal (MORE PICS ADDED)
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The Black Flag Cafe
posted by adamvasco at 11:21 PM on May 27, 2008

I love stories like this! Thanks for the extra links, guys.
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And more great ones keep coming. Here is a Turkish guy riding through Iran, for example.
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