Vintage Motocross
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People riding old bikes around dirt tracks.

The collection features sliding, more sliding, synchronised sliding, crashing, crashing while sliding, pushing, jumping, jumping, jumping, jumping, and jumping some more. Remember, kids, to always wear proper safety gear while riding.
(Last link not entirely worksafe)
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Those are pretty neat. Think I have you beat on age of motorcycle though. Part of my family photo album; a few other shots are there as well. All I know about them is that my great grandfather was a Harley dealer.
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wow those pics bring back some memories, Maico's, Bultaco's and was that one a CZ? oh my! ..I was just nine or ten back in 71' when I saw Roger Decoster ride a Suzuki to victory. It was like a MX God lighted upon our shores. Great post!
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Wow. I'm not a bit interested in motocross but those are some groovy photos.
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These are awesome photos. I'll forward this link to some friends who work in the motocross industry. Thanks!
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Not my era so most of the names I know only fleetingly or via "On Any Sunday", but neat pics all the same. I have the utmost respect for the guys able to go quick on the bikes of that time.
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Fantastic pictures, thanks
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