Loading Ready Run: Internets Funnymans
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Loading.Ready.Run is a group of people who make funny videos on the Internet. They're also giant geeks, which makes their material more obscure to most people, but more hilarious to me.

Here are some highlights from their site:

Rejected WiiPlay Games
Son of a Bitch

They even scored a revealing interview with international scapegoat and directorial diva, Uwe Boll!

And they are the team responsible for this popular Halo expose.

If you like their style, I also recommend The Iron Stomach Challenge, made by the same team. Here, they post videos of themselves eating different comestible concoctions of varying levels of disgust to hilarious results.
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They've also got a video that comes in handy on September 19th.
posted by recoveringsophist at 8:46 AM on July 2, 2008

Other rejected Wii games (not by Loading.Ready.Run). I found both around the same time, but was unaware of the other stuff done by L.R.R. Great find, thanks!
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I laughed. Dorky Cool.
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I really liked the rejected Wii games, but the pirate one recoveringsophist linked was AWESOME.
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A semi-related rebuttal to recoveringsophist's link..
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The "Phailhaüs - 11" video was well worth it. And the last 3-5 seconds alone was enough to make me keel over laughing.
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Someone in my circle of friends passed around the Three PS3s video a while back, and I must confess "whereas I have... three... PS3s" became a favorite catchphrase for a while. Smugness generated hilarity. Who'da known?
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I first saw LRR because I know someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows Graham. I think my favorite videos are Three PS3s, The Secret Life of Toast, and The Stages.
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These guys are great. Thanks for the link.
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