Face transplants possible
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Lancet reports say partial face transplants are a reality. Face transplant before and after pictures here.
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Dear Medical Science,
You're making the rest of us look lazy. Knock it off.
Everyone on the planet who isn't some kind of flesh-magician.
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Um, didn't this already get done with the cigarette smoking french woman whose dog chewed her face off?
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Remarkable results, which I'm sure will only improve as surgeons gain experience with the procedure. I wonder how much easier or harder it is to find a good donor face than other organs.

Also: Good job, BBC, putting the "SOME MAY FIND THE FOLLOWING IMAGES DISTURBING" warning below the first potentially disturbing image.
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The very last set in particular is quite impressive.
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Artw -- yes. Now there are three, though. That's an increase in face transplants of 200%! (With that kind of growth, we'll all be getting face transplants five times a week by 2025!)
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Ah, french cigarette smoking woman was Isabelle Dinoire, and hers seems to have been downgraded to a partial face transplant.
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Also the correct title was "FACE / ON".
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Face transplants? Bah! Try head transplants, and then we'll talk!

(I have, and believe me, they're not easy.)
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Thank goodness for the self-preservation instinct that cut in just in time and said, "Do you really want to click that link?"

I will content myself to know that, should I need one in the future, the option will become available.
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For the squeamish: the pictures aren't all that gross, probably a lot less gross than your average episode of CSI.
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That's beautiful these people who would otherwise be isolated because of their looks, will now have a chance at a more regular life. It would wonderful if it were possible to use this in burn victims but I don't know if their immune systems could handle/accept the surgery.

A man in China has undergone a second operation to remove a massive, 10kg collection of tumours that have virtually hidden his face and are warping his backbone.

Warning, not easy to look at: This is a photo of Huang Chuncai with an update on his recovery process, which seems to be succeeding.
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Tumour man has second face operation

That's some high quality journalism there!
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Warning: A YouTube video of Huang Chuncai's surgery before and right after.
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Does the transplanted face have to be on your head? I see no reason why medical science can't be aritstic.
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Partial face plant video.
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Les Yeux Sans Visage in 4 Minutes
The operation scene is slightly gory. Overdubbed with music by Portishead.
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I wonder if they can then use more conventional forms of plastic surgery to finish things off... correct the scarring a bit, even out and level the eyes and noses, that sort of thing.
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Oh please. Those doctors did a horrible job. Those men look *nothing* like Nicholas Cage. They're not going to fool anyone...
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I believe in Harvey Dent.
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This is going to give a whole new meaning to "get your game face on".
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Or, we can just keep people away from angry fucking animals.
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and angry tumors?
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I hereby offer the use of my largish buttocks for the transplantation of faces from any number of annoying celebrities, reviled leaders or besmirched captains of industry.

I can accept the fact that the faces won't actually complain vocally when I sit on them, but we have to start somewhere.
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I was going to make a smart ass comment about how I was going to leave my face to some pimply computer programmer living in a basement so he/she could pick up more women, but then I looked at the pictures and the last two convinced me that this was less of a joking matter and more of a really positive medical innovation. How nice for those people. Thanks be to science!
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Wait, I'll get my surprised face...
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I feel a lot of compassion for these people. Their lives (even after) must include a lot of staring, rude remarks, and even harassment/assault. I've been the subject of these even though my impairment is a lot less severe than theirs (and unfortunately cannot be corrected through surgery). Many, if not most people, can't get past the visceral reaction they have to someone who looks so different. I don't consider this to be mere shallowness; I think it's hardwired into our lizard brain that people are supposed to fit within a certain range of "normal" and people who don't might be disease carriers or dangerous in some way.

I think many of us would feel awkward, sad and ashamed if a picture of ourselves had to be prefaced with "disturbing images follow." I hope they have the emotional support they need and the spiritual strength to get through this.
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this is going to give a whole new meaning to "your face, my ass".
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Ok, now y'all are making me feel guilty for making a Nicolas Cage Face/Off joke. Hell, whaddaya want? I'm weak, people!

Yay for medical progress!
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