Camouflage art
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Two artists that paint humans so that they blend into their surroundings: Liu Bolin and Emma Hack (click 'body art' and then 'exhibitions' to get into the image galleries)
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Awesome. Some more of Liu Bolin's camouflage images here and here.
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If Emma's website is intended to show off her art - which is entirely visual, and depends pretty heavily on the viewer being able to see the hidden figures buried into their surroundings - she should really use bigger images.
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The movie Be Kind, Rewind had a scene in which Jack Black's character did this same thing. I had never seen anything like it before so I lol'd big time.
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In a geeky way, I really like the million ming vase one. It looks like the typical camouflage effect used in the movies when someone is supossed to be invisible but not really.
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... 98% of site visitor patience exhausted.

Love her work, though.
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I can't look at these images without the theme from Snake Eater playing in my head.

The road stop is my favorite, but Bolin's police images are quite fun as well.
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Emma Hack NSFW - cheesy topless centerfold "art".
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Liu Bolin's work is beautiful.

And I know that you're going to hate me for this... but the first thing that I think of is that scene in Garden State with Zach Braff and the shirt and the wallpaper. Except that the wallpaper didn't cover his face. Come to think of it, that might have been an improvement if it had.
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Seriously cool stuff.

But I sort of want to hit whoever designed the navigation for Emma Hack's page.
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Beautiful. I'm not sure if Bolin's work consists of painted bodies or manipulated photographs. Bolin's work appears to be manipulated photographs. You can, and I do, use tools like Adobe Photoshop to manipulate photographs. You can even use these tools to paint. Either way, I love their work. I really enjoy the Hack's photographs of the paintings against the black bodies. They are very provocative.
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Too much technical trick (not so far from this) and not enough art.
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Oooh, more human urban camouflage courtesy of Desiree Palmen.

And from what I've googled up, Bolin's work is actually paint, not photoshoppery. The word "painstaking" gets used to describe it.
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Linking my own comment regarding Timna Woollard from a similar thread, previously. Because I'm lazy.
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tends to avoid the penis no?
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The camouflage paint's neat, but I can't help but think that it's one of those things that is a lot more interesting in person, as opposed to a photograph. Mostly because it's so easy to produce this sort of effect in a photo editing program such as photoshop (there are many, many others that can do the same thing.) But seeing something like that out on the street, now that's something that Adobe hasn't been able to produce just yet (give it a few more months.)
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Maybe some kind of laser-sensitive coating could be applied to a surface that would change color when zapped? Then laser print directly on buildings?
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