Star Wars Episode 2 Plot Summary
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Star Wars Episode 2 Plot Summary Yes, they're making a new Star Wars movie. Ep. 2 appears to be much better than the Phantom Menace.
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It would probably be fair to point out that the above link is 100% spoiler-ridden.

Not everyone wants to know a year in advance, you know.
posted by dhartung at 5:05 AM on May 7, 2001

Ah, Gawd, not that hype again.

Episode I taught me that hype really hurts when it's too heavy. It's nice to take a peek at the production of a film, but when everyone starts analyzing every little snippet months before the film is released, it's time to take a step back. Both trailers were chopped up and examined frame by frame on and various other sites. There's nothing wrong with following a film, but knowing too much before you actually see the finished results can be damaging.
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dhartung - the link does say 'plot summary' - how could that not be spoilers? :)

btw this page first showed up in the middle of last year, but without the 'george lucas comments'
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knowing too much before you actually see the finished results can be damaging.

geeky fans who have seen/read/lived the entire history of the republic to the point of frame by frame precision would probably like as much damage as possible. damage to the layman is of no harm to them, no, for the force is strong within them, and buffers them from any loss of desire to see/read/live the greek epic that is star wars.
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Note: The "BACKSPACE" key can be used if one accesses a page without intention. In fact, the key is recommended if one is not wanting to view the page at hand.

Thank You.
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Why is everyone so interested in Starwars? I mean sure it was fun and all, and the special effects were used pretty well, but 4 movies? That's way too much. Considering all the hype and tragedy that was Episode 1, I can't believe anyone's willing to trust Lucas ever again. It's like a beaten girlfriend coming back to an abuser, just because he promised not to beat her again.

*Sigh* I also find it sad that mefi even has space for Starwars updates and script peaks and all that geekboy fandom stuff. I guess I'm being a bit of an elitist asshole, but that's me, I'm a small pony. 'Moo!'
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Hey Tiaka, why would anyone care about baseball either? Does that deserve coverage on MeFi, but not Star Wars?
posted by Karl at 7:08 AM on May 7, 2001

The Star Wars freaks I know will have my head if I say this out loud....

As its own entity, I thought Episode one was good. Even viewed in light of the other movies it wasn't bad. No movie was going to be able to live up to the hype that was generated by all the Star Wars nuts. I think people tend to forget how cheesy/bad the first three (or middle three if you prefer) were at parts. Isn't that why Lucas put off making more for so long? But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong
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I'll have your head!

No, Scott's right. The first 3 were really cheesy. Episode one was much worse though (damn jar-jar, damn him to hell).
posted by Mick at 7:25 AM on May 7, 2001

What they (Lucas, I guess) need to explain is the age gap between Anikan and the Queen (now Senator). In Episode I, there was too much of a age difference, as he looked about 8 and she looked about 16-17. If Episode 2 takes place ten years later, then he would be about 18-19, but she would be 26-27. The story should have shown them to be of the same age.

And for god's sake, get rid of Jar Jar. Lucas needs to get a better comic relief.
posted by Rastafari at 7:34 AM on May 7, 2001

Actually, Karl, as you were so quick to jump the gun, I was questioning Starwars in general; why do *all* the people that like starwars, like it. It's a general commentary, and my views were not specifically those concerning mefi.

As far as my intended comment on mefi, I just feel that there are a gizzilian sites on starwars around, and there are going to be another gizzilian story previews and set photos and interviews and art drawings and those sites list them. I'm not sure where I hold the right judgment here, or exactly how to close, but that's just how I feel.

That other post wasn't so much about baseball as it was with the centralization of major sports and leagues. And, I guess people were interested.
posted by tiaka at 7:55 AM on May 7, 2001

The only way to save the Star Wars franchise is for L. Ron Lucas to step firmly away from the writer/director chair and back into the figurehead mode that worked for Empire. His hubris, in addition to the illusory "Joe Campbell" connection, however, will prevent him from doing this.

Lucas's sopilistic approach is perhaps best commented upon in one episode of the Clerks animated series.
posted by ed at 8:02 AM on May 7, 2001

Star Wars, like baseball, has become part of American mythology. We react to it on a level that has little to do with the quality of the movies themselves. It's a cultural phenomenon with its own holidays, rules, and rituals. I admit I'm a cult member. While I'll ignore most of the hype because it damages my personal enjoyment of the movie, I will be camping out before opening night. Not because its the best movie series ever made, but because it's really, really fun.
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Here's a queston. Does a prequel invariably create less suspense than a sequel, because to a certian extent we know what the story is going to lead to, rather than having the sheer unpredictability of a story routed in the future?
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Am I misremembering, or didn't we see several "plot summaries" for Episode One in the year that lead up to its release - and none of them were right? I wouldn't discount the fact that Lucas and Co. are pretty savvy manipulators of the Internet culture. (OK, I admit it, I don't want to follow the link because if it is really a summary, I don't want to ruin the surprise when I see it...)
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There were quite a few fake summaries on the net, but I had read most of the major spoilers by about six months before the movie actually came out. I am avoiding spoilers this time around and hopefully the movie will be better and I will be able to enjoy it more if I go in without already knowing what happens.

Of course, I liked TPM. Minus the infantile humor.
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I don't know what's worse - that I just got sucked into reading massive spoilers, or that Jar Jar is coming back.
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Meesa know, and meesa not telling, Dreama.
posted by dhartung at 12:14 PM on May 7, 2001

brucec- I'd say a prequel is potentially much more suspenseful...Dramatic Irony and all that. Its like Hitchcock's classic example--suspense is like a bomb: The audience knows it's about to go off, but there's nothing they can do about it.

Of course, TPM did its best to disprove this.
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As far as prequels go, it just depends on the quality of the film itself. So take 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' and you've got a great film that sucks you in and is really entertaining. Take 'Highlander III' on the other hand and you spend the majority of the film screaming at the screen "But he survives. I know that. Who cares what's happening now. He bloody well survives."
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So knowing the ending ruins a movie? Damn, there goes Memento.
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My expections for Phantom Menace were purposefully exceptionally low, so I wasn't too disappointed by it. When it comes to sequels (or prequels, as in this case), my attitude is the more spoilers the better (so I can work on lowering my expectations again, hah).
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The real truth:
88 facts about star wars episode 2
I was going to write a script to go along with it but haven't got round to it. Note: there are no spoilers in my document. If anything in it turns out to be true (if, for instance, Gillian Anderson's character is called Cargo Bosty) then I will probably assume the form of a lizard and scamper off into the desert.
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