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Aether: lonely boy befriends a mysterious monster, leaves Earth to explore the galaxy. A quick, relaxing, hypnotic, motion-aftereffect-inducing flash game. Programming/music/design by Tyler Glaiel with further art/design by Edmund McMillen.

Aether is also available as a download [direct link to zip containing both OS X and Windows versions]. It debuted in early September, being reviewed in Wired, 1up, IndieGames, Joystiq, JIG, and Kotaku.
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i think i won, but i'm not sure...
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Well, I'm baffled. Nice music though.
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beat it, very short (which i actually prefer) and super fun, thanks for posting this. as videogames become a more legit art form over the next couple of decades i think we'll see a lot more like this, where the mood evoked during play is the primary focus.
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ASDW : good only for qwerty keyboards.
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Zouhair, that's why I use the arrow keys for controls when I make Flash games. I have been using mouse aim a bit, but mouse aiming is really hard for most people forced to use a touchpad on their laptop.

As for this game, I am completely stuck at the start. Can't seem to fire my tongue, don't know if that comes later or what..
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autodidact: didn't work for me first time either, but reloading it made it recognise my mouse clicks.
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autodidact, shoot the clouds, then swing around and shoot a higher cloud. Move around the playing field, get bored, quit...oh wait, that's what happened to me.

It was beautiful, but a bit cryptic. There was no obvious goal...
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Cute, but man that not-quite-doggerel in the intro and ending ruined it for me.
Aether is an "Art Game" about personal childhood feelings and experiences. Please keep and open mind when playing, relax and enjoy the game.
I am guessing that Mr. Glaiel did not have a very happy childhood, except for when he went off by himself and fantasized...
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This is a beautiful game. I really like the swinging / momentum mechanic, I hope it will turn up in a mainstream game sometime soon. (Well, other than the Spiderman games, but the 3D makes it stressful). Something about the gravity / camera feels a bit off to me in this one, it takes awhile to get the hang of it, but it's fun.

zouhair: with a funky keyboard you must be disappointed by a lot of games.
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Is interesting, and the theme is winning (though perhaps a tiny bit twee). Didn't have the time to try to get farther than the starting planet though.
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Actually a lot of games have some kind of settings where you can change control keys.
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I made it to a watery planet with some kind of recluse whale or something.

I liked it enough that I'll download it and try more later.
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