Russian Experimental Tanks
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Footage (in Russian) of some concept tanks. Includes human tanks, hydrofoil tanks, rocket assisted tanks and many many more. SLYT I know, but Rockets! And Tanks!!!
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In Russia, there is a saying - regardless of who rules, we have two generals to protect us:

General Winter, and General Mud.

In summer, they can't drive their tanks or march their infantry, as the ground melts into brown soup beneath their boots.

Tanks are shamanic totems. German power, American ingenuity, invulnerable machines that tried to outwit either of those two old generals.

In winter, they freeze to death, as their machines and men don't know what it's like to live at fifty below, where ours don't either, but have tanks and guns that work anyhow. Pistols, especially, and especially the ones aimed at those who won't rush the Germans...

This is victory?
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Oh man, the russians have a counterpart to our History Channel specials — nationalistic paeans to machines of war, stock footage narrated by goofy-looking retirees of the military-industrial complex.
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Jet-tank is awesome.
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[Insert joke referring to Palin and snowmobiles here]
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Hydrofoil tank: ballin'.
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I'll admit it: I love tanks.
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Hydrofoil Tank is watching you crap your fatigues on the west bank of the river Pasvik
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