Bunk up, it's booming.
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Bunkers have a wide variety of uses in today's world. They're not all used by those fearful of a terrorist attack. They are also used to protect from natural disasters and to hide grow-ops. George's got one. Tom too. You can build you own, or have someone do it for you. The Ark Two Shelter is located just outside of Toronto. Tours of bunkers are also available. Be prepared. Previously.
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I suspect the book/movie The Road will make bunkers cool again.
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Toronto has it's own nearby crazy survivalist community? Who knew?

Also, for those actually IN Toronto, head downtown to the PATH. I expect some of the lower subway stations will make fine bunkers too.
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There is an abandoned subway line below the bay street line in Toronto as well. They shoot alot of movies in there.
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Lower subway stations?
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Someone should build one for zouhair.
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Bunkers have a wide variety of uses in today's world.

I don't know, with the club technology these days and the amount of time pros spend practicing, they're hardly even a hazard any more. On a course with any kind of substantial rough, you're usually better off landing in the bunker, and you'll often see players aim for them on par 5s and driveable par 4s.

Wait, what are we talking about?
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I was all geeked to get a bunker, and then I heard they had bombs built specifically to destroy bunkers.
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I searched all these links, but not one tip for dealing with radroaches.
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"Welcome To Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum. Built to protect the government from nuclear attack, this once-secret bunker is now a museum and National Historic Site of Canada. "
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Related: defensive architecture.

I love the idea of a secret bunker, safe and private.

Enjoyed watching the "gow ops", heh, you linked. Part 2 of that massive op. wow. Fascinating story that. Pity the guy stole electricity. Talk about dumb move.

One of my favorite sites about bunkers is the queen of Chernobyl on a motorcycle, Elena Filatova's site on the Serpent's Wall full of good photographs.

Peace is a good idea.
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How you can protect your family against FALLOUT

I really love this picture of a neighborhood in Boise marching into their community-sponsored bomb shelter. It's so nice when people in a community can join together to accomplish something worthwhile.
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George's got one.

Not for long!
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There are some additional (pdf) links at the end of the 2nd grow op video that give some more insight into the cave when it was operational. Fascinating stuff.
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