Neil Gaiman is creepy, but not a doll
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Neil Gaiman helps Jonathan Coulton perform the song "Creepy Doll." [slyt]

Sure, it's not Bike Hero, but still pretty awesome if you like Coulton or Gaiman.
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That's awesome. Love that song.

Can we please have Zombie Asimov for Chiron Beta Prime next time?
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I love Jonathan Coulton. He's playing here in Boston on Friday, but I'm going to this instead. I still haven't been able to convince myself that I made the right decision, even though he plays here (fairly) regularly.
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That was full of win :)
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I went and saw John Hodgman read, with Jonathan Coulton, along with Sean Nelson and John Roderick. It was one hyperliterate indie rock evening.

My friends videos of the night are here.
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A relatively recent article from Ars Technica on Jonathan Coulton, for those a little lost.
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Danb, you're so wrong, I'm not even angry at you, I just feel sad.
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Through the miracle that is YouTube, here's the same event from a different (and shakier angle).
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This was fantastic, as was the cover of TMBG's Birdhouse In Your Soul he did at the Manchester concert. There was a little lyrical flub, but otherwise beautiful.
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This song kind of reminds me of Robyn Hitchcock's "My wife and my dead wife".
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If Gaiman, Coulton and Hodgman ever showed up at the same event, they'd collapse into a coolness singularity.
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Horace Rumple: I know, I know. From what I've seen, though, Coulton plays a gig around here about once a year whereas VGL has never come to Boston before. I expect (hope!) that I will have another JoCo concert opportunity.
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Actually, that's a lie about VGL never being in Boston before. But it's still rare!
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This is a fantastic combination of nerdy things I like. Thanks!
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