Can you spot Mr. Cook's cameos in the videos?
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The Brighton Port Authority was a shadowy musical project lasting from the early 1970s and lasting until the mid 90s, or so it's rumored. The tapes from this project have recently been found and are slowly being released.

Or, it could just be the new project of Norman Cook, more commonly known as Fatboy Slim. So far, two singles have been released: "Seattle," featuring Emmy the Great; and "Toe Jam" (NSFW), featuring Dizzee Rascal and David Byrne.
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Don't waste your time trying to figure out the truth; it's the latter. I don't hear anything that great - though Fatboy Slim has his moments, and anyone who covers the Monochrome Set can't be all bad - and aren't we all getting tired of these ancient and not-very-interesting fake "back stories?"
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Of course it's not the first one. I'm surprised you don't like the songs, though.
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Well, the videos are great. I saw "Toe Jam" on Romanian TV and laughed for a long time. I hadn't seen "Seattle," but that's beautifully done. But musically, Seattle's a bit slight and "Toe Jam" sounds like weaker late-period Talking Heads. Both are okay as pop goes; I wouldn't mind hearing either on the radio (as awful as it generally is.) But there's far better stuff out there than this, and well, it's big money / big star stuff that doesn't really merit the extra attention on the blue. (In my opinion, of course!)
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I posted the Emmy video on election night, just after Obama won, but it was deleted :( I thought it was rather fitting and am still a bit puzzled over the deletion.

(can't find the link for some reason)
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Hmm. Parody of the KLF?
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