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From Alternews. For those of you with no interest in paying $25 for the unofficial Oklahoma City Bombing report, more reliable media than previously presented here lay out a surprisingly clear case that Timothy McVeigh did not act alone. The matter will never be resolved. The Guardian. The Independent 1, 2. The Village Voice. One caveat: I have the impression that each of these stories is working from the same alternative data, perhaps the unofficial report.
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Hmm. The Guardian, The Independent. Where are the mainstream US newspapers? I don't think it's credible that McVeigh could have acted alone, and these stories at least are worth investigating further.
posted by salmacis at 3:13 AM on May 16, 2001

Of course he didn't act alone. He and the man hidden in the grassy knoll, working together with the Trilateral Commission and James Earl Ray's friend Raul, hired a fleet of black helicopters to assist in the operation!

Ah, America, where no one is actually guilty of what they do, and everything has to be a conspiracy rather than the act of one or two irrational nuts.
posted by darren at 3:51 AM on May 16, 2001

[sarcasm] Of course McVeigh worked alone. And there was only one bullet too. There's no such thing as conspiracy in this country. Such talk is just unfounded paranoia. [/sarcasm]
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"You can't handle the truth," he has said. "And the truth is that it is pretty scary that one guy can do this all alone."

Well, no, I'm not particularly scared by that, actually. A terrorist organization or even individual, making repeated attacks over an extended period, would have everyone looking over their shoulders. McVeigh is a failure in this regard if we are ultimately left with the impression that he acted alone.
posted by xiffix at 6:15 AM on May 16, 2001

Too many people watching Arlington Road, I think.
posted by DiplomaticImmunity at 8:45 AM on May 16, 2001

Wait, people think McVeigh acted alone? Really? Am I missing something?

I mean, his one accomplice guy is in jail for life isn't he?

Can I fit another question mark into the post?

It's quite possible I'm misunderstanding something. Does "didn't act alone" mean something along the lines of "is an official member of an organization bent on fighting some war against the US Governemt"?
posted by cCranium at 5:56 AM on May 17, 2001

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