Painting with your food.
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Painting with Ketchup and Fries. Sketching Elvis with Cheetos. Artist Jason Baalman specializes in painting in unusual mediums and then posting the results to YouTube. Painting with ribs. Or just the BBQ sauce. Or chocolate syrup. Branching out from food, he also paints with mascara, lipstick and vegemite. He says he can teach you to draw too. His Mona Lisa in MS Paint has previously been posted here.
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"Oh Mr Hart Baalman, what a mess!"
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I'm pretty certain the Sketching Elvis With Cheetos was already posted here, but I think it was a self-link the first time around.
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I think someone posted it in an AskMe answer or something. I remember being knocked out and telling them it should be on the front page. I was reminded today when someone emailed it to me to thought I'd share. I've always always wanted to be able to draw well and this guy just kills me.
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to thought = and thought
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I don't know about art but I know what I like
to eat.
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Here she be.
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Huh. Turns out the poster was quoting the artist.
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I posted that first link a while back. However, I've never seen painting with ribs and I can certainly get down with that.
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CunningLinguist does not classify Vegemite as food. CunningLinguist is a smart person.
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I'd eat mascara and/or lipstick before I touched Vegemite.
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Ok, not food. But digestion related. Ass painting (NSFW).
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I have this thing where I feel like it's disrespectful to make art with food. Food, you know? I like food.
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