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Who's best at voice-actived gaming? That's right, parrots!
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I can add "risk of getting pwned by a bird" to the list of reasons I don't play World of Warcraft.
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"risk of getting pwned by a bird"

Oh, they pretend to be a bird, but really they're just fat middle-aged elks.
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When the eagles are silent, the parrots begin to jabber.
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I can add "risk of getting pwned by a bird" to the list of reasons I don't play World of Warcraft.

I have an African Grey parrot named Bongo. I was playing my death knight when Bongo stepped on my keyboard. He hit tab to target an enemy, then hit 1 to death grip an enemy over to me (for non-WoW players, it just grabs the enemy and pulls them over), then hit the keys next to that button to disease it up and kill it.

My husband and I are thinking of giving him an account and starting a 3v3 arena team with him. We'd name it "Our DK is a Parrot."
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This somehow reminds me of something that came with my Creative sound card in 1992.
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So it's come to this. I always thought the limited life-span of Thinking Beings (Octopi, Rats) or their general environment and alien nature (Whales, Dolphins) would keep us from ever coming head to head. I was wrong.

So, to you. You Parrot. The Many-Voiced masters of Air and Branch. I say this.

I will totally pwn you.

The Corvids have better things to do, like figure out our PINs and commit fraud
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I'm not surprised about bird gamers. I've long suspected many TF2 players are cocks.
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And at the same time as being annihilated you can listen to the dulcet tones of Hatebeak (thanks MeFi). I, for one, welcome our resplendently beplumed overlords etc etc
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Sometimes I think the enormous processing overhead people, especially adults, have can be a disadvantage in high-speed games. A friend's teenage son and tinier kid love some XBox Live (I think) game involving Star Wars and light sabers. The teenager is fond of this trick:

First, he starts a game as Yoda, against someone his age, who is at some combat level reasonably above his. They talk on the headset, then he turns the headset off and hands the controller to the four year old.

The kid, who is at this age a bundle of bloodthirsty reflexes and absolutely none of the hesitation people develop as they get older, plays Yoda like he was a tiny ninja on a trampoline and proceeds to whomp on the other player, beating him handily, round after round, until the match is finished.

Then they switch on the headset so that the other player can hear the four year old yowling with glee, "Yay, I got him! ZAPPY-DOO Yoda! I'm so cool!" The teenager leans in and says, "Yeah, dude ... you just got owned by a four year old."

He says this is better than actually playing the game himself.
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On my old guild's first Vaelstraaz kill, years ago, I was 2nd tank in rotation to die. When it came my turn to shield wall, I was distracted by my girlfriend calling on the phone next to me, but the sound of the phone startled my cat next to the keyboard who just so happened to hit the tilde key upon standing which was my keybind.

We won, I got loots, gave Kingsley a treat.
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