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Guitar Noise is a free guitar lesson website with hundreds of articles, tips and reviews for students of this versatile instrument. Whether you are a beginner, a lefty, a bass player or a singer, Guitar Noise has lessons on nearly everything and anything to do with the guitar. There are many talented musicians out there. The artist profiles section includes interviews with dozens. The forums, blog and podcasts help you keep up with this thriving community.
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Actually looks pretty good. Nice find. They are right, I need to start practicing with a metronome and practice slow.
posted by Ironmouth at 1:42 PM on February 23, 2009

Nice one, thanks. Although frankly I'm STILL not ready for the "easy songs for beginners." :)
posted by xthlc at 2:53 PM on February 23, 2009

Thank you, looks helpful!

*guiltily eyes Fender Musicmaster over in the corner*
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Netbros, I'd like to thank you... For years I have lived in an abusive relationship. Finally he's getting the help he needs.

-Dark Messiah's Jackson electric guitar
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I don't see anything in there for my guitar tuned to F#F#F#F#EB with a screwdriver wedged under the strings.
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Thanks for this, netbros. Now I can try to get my son to stop watching youtube for all his "teach myself guitar" needs. If you find one of these for piano, I'll be your biggest fan. Or at least very, very grateful.
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Hmm, a quick look at that site would suggest that it is nothing more than a tab-site with sugary words inbetween a few of the tabs. I could be wrong about this though, but it definately looks like it places itself in the "How to play song x" category rather than "How to use technique X" category. Infact, looking at their categories, where would you go to find a simple lesson on the major scale, for instance?

(of course, you can just search and it turns out they do have a lot of lessons on that kind of thing, so my initial thoughts were wrong -- it's just they're not that easy to find)

A site that I would recommend is . But then not_on_display might complain as it involves a lot of very useful YouTube videos :)
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Thanks for the links! I haven't seriously picked up my guitar in 10+ years, but I was thinking about it just recently. These may be the sources of information I need to try again.
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I'd always assumed buying a bass would make me a rock god. I mean, the bass player gets all the groupies, right? Well, it turns out you have to actually be good at bass. I'll look into this, and report back on my groupie success at a later date. Thanks for the post.
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I started playing that about a year ago. The two bests sites for it, I think, are Active Bass and Study Bass. Infact, checkout the the "track builder" on Active Bass. I don't say this because it's a useful tool (it kinda is), but because Songsmith has only just come out and it's about as good as this years-old website implementation of the same thing! :) (Kudos to the people who make Band In A Box, of course, but it has the worst user interface on any commercial software I've ever used. And they have the gaul to ask $500 for it.)

Anyway, check out those sites as well as the previously mentioned justin guitar. Afterall, in most cases the bottom 4 strings of a guitar are the same as a bass.
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Pod: Most of GN's "How to play song X" lessons actually cover one or more techniques specific to the song, and they've said outright that the songs are only a means to an end of teaching theory and technique.

In fact, that's the only criticism I have of the site - often I want to learn more precisely "how to play song X" rather than learning an approximate version of the song while learning about leading tones.

BTW, their forum is awesome.
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